Namyangju Water Garden

Gaeun Kim

Getting hotter and hotter these days, we feel stuffy inside home and want to escape to other places outside. Because of final exam, I couldn’t go anywhere but stay at home, finishing assignments and studying for exam. I had to see beautiful flowers and sceneries only through photos and videos. So today I want to introduce famous flower garden in Namyangju, where you can see full bloomed poppy flowers only this month. This garden is called ‘Water Garden(물의 정원)’. As city owns and maintains this park, admission is free.

 When you arrive here, you can see information board which shows paths of the garden. There are riverside walking trails, water heart paths, heart zones where you can take photos, and water fragrance paths. In heart zones, you can see beautiful red poppy flowers fully bloomed, covering the field with big heart shape. Poppy flowers are only blooming in summer, and the language of red colors of poppy means ‘comfort’. Flowers in red colors look really flamboyant, giving delight to us. You can have a picnic, take a walk, take photos, relax on a bench, or ride a bike here. There’s bicycle rental shop, so you can borrow bicycles here. It will be perfect to ride a bike on a cool evening. Also, there are many photo zones like photos I attached above this article. Taking photos through film camera will also make some retro mood and form vintage image. I think traveling to new places and healing ourselves in nature is a good way to get rid of stress. Let’s give ourselves a break from the same, repetitive routine. I hope many people who likes to travel and enjoy nature visit here this month.

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