Trip to Jeju Island

Hajon Lee

If you are wondering where to visit after exams are over and basically this semester, one of the best choices would be Jeju Island. However, please do be aware that Covid-19 is still a threat in this island and staying at home is highly recommended. Before anything else, you would need to book a flight ticket. I would recommend a three days and a two night trip. Skyscanner would be the best choice to compare flights and also adjust the times of departure and arrival. If you are going from Seoul, take a flight from Gimpo Airport. Take a morning flight there and then an afternoon flight back. Tickets to the island are very cheap from 30,000won to 60,000 back and forth. Usually Jeju Island is visited by two divided sections: The West and The East. I will be recommending you to the West side. Next, is to reserve a place to stay, Jeju Island being an international tourist attraction, is probably the best way. Staying at a guest house is also very fun, but at this time it might be better to stay at a hotel with your friends. Do please rent a car while you’re at Jeju Island as the driveways are beautiful and without a car, it is impossible to move around from the numerous attraction areas.

Starting your journey off the West coast, I would highly recommend you getting a place in the Jeju area. After getting your car, you should first fill your hungry stomach at Ollae Guksu, which is very famous for their meat noodles. Then visit Yongduam rock and enjoy the first sight of water. On the way to your hotel, you should quickly visit the monumental historic site Hangpaduri Hangmong and take some Instagram pictures of your liking. With this probably the day will be over with some dinner near the hotel. The next day, you start off with one of the highlights of this trip, which is driving. Aewol Coastal Road is where you begin and maybe stop by at one of the cafes. My recommendation would be Aewol the Sunset or High End Jeju. You will be right on your way to Hyupjae Beach, where you would definitely go swimming. After getting dried up, getting lunch at Nolman which serves seafood Ramen will make your day a whole lot better. After eating, visiting the Hallim Park, next to the beach is an excellent choice. Now you would have to move more down south to go sightseeing the Cactus Moon colony. With the finale of the trip, the restaurant The Pig that saw the Ocean is a must visit to enjoy the black pig flavor. With that said, you’ve seen, tasted, and experienced the hottest island in Korea.

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