My Last HUBS article

Kim Min Jung

I cannot believe that this is my last article for the HUBS blog! For almost four months, I tried to provide a lot of information that would be beneficial to students who came to Hanyang university. I wanted to tell them not only about some hot places in Korea, but also Korea’s unique culture. So, I really hope that my articles have been and will continue to be of great help to international students who visit Korea or Hanyang university.

Thinking back on my first week as a HUBS reporter, I was passionate and had a lot of ideas. As I was writing my last few articles, however, I found myself struggling to come up with creative new ideas for the articles. However, after sharing ideas with other reporters at the weekly meetings, I got fresh ideas. Also, by reading other people’s articles, I learned of so many beneficial tips or places that I didn’t know even though I am a Korean living in Seoul! So, I really appreciate our reporters and Ms. Yoon who supported us!

Though my official work as a HUBS reporter has come to an end, I’ll always cheer for and give attention to the HUBS blog homepage. I was very happy to be a reporter who could give many useful tips and information to international students. This has also been a great opportunity to improve my skills in writing in English.

I also give thanks to all the readers who read my articles! Thank you!

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