The Unique Points of Korean Pizza

Nam InHan

Korean pizza can be new to exchange students. Especially, if you are used to eating American pizza or Italian pizza, you will feel that Korean pizza is rather unique. First of all, Korean pizza is based on American pizza rather than Italian pizza. Whilst pizza is considered a cheap fast food in America, however, pizza is seen as a gourmet delicacy in Korea.

남인한 1.pngThe most distinctive feature of Korean pizza is that it gives you a taste of various toppings. There is a myriad of toppings such as bulgogi, shrimp, and sweet potato. For some pizzas you can split the pizza in half and get two different toppings on one pizza. Recently, Domino’s Pizza even released the ‘Quattro Pizza’, which is a pizza with four different toppings!

남인한 2.png

It’s not just the toppings but also the doughs and crusts which are of a huge variety. In the case of doughs, there are rice or grain doughs, and you can often pick the thickness of the doughs. For crusts, there are many special options. For example, you can choose a crust called ‘golden crust’ with a sweet potato puree or ‘cheese bite’.

Korean pizza is also characterized by its relatively sweet taste. It tastes sweeter than American or Italian pizza. An example of this characteristic is a pizza topped with sweet potato mousse, which is a steady seller in Korea. In the same context, Koreans also enjoy eating gorgonzola pizza with honey.

Lastly, there exist some differences in the culture of enjoying pizza. In Korea, you can go to a pizza restaurant and enjoy pizza with a complimentary salad bar or you can go to a park near the Han River. You can have them delivered to the park and eat on the grass. And unlike in other countries, Koreans enjoy eating their pizzas with pickles.

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