Seoul Forest; Healing yourself in the city!

 Kim Min Jung

When you are walking around Seoul, you will find a lot of tall buildings and apartments occupying the whole city. However, there is a place near Hanyang university where you can enjoy nature and relax. It’s Seoul Forest.

Seoul Forest is located in Seoul Seong dong gu Ttukseom ro 273. It’s right in front of the Seoul Forest station(Bundang Line) or you can walk about 10 minutes from Ttukseom station(Line 2). Though it is named “Seoul Forest”, it’s not just a simple forest of woods. Instead, there are lots of facilities like the botanical garden, a playground for kids, large fields and even many art sculptures. It is in fact a huge park.

김민정 1.jpgBecause it’s near the downtown area of the city, many people go to Seoul Forest on a picnic or for a quick rest. You can see people playing badminton, riding bicycles or just lying on a mat and relaxing with their family and friends. But the most interesting thing about Seoul Forest is of course, eating delivery food. There are many people eating delivery food such as chicken, Tteokbokki and pizza. So, I recommend you deliver some delicious food there! But if you cannot use the delivery app, just pack a quick lunch box! It would be much more delicious than just eating at a restaurant or at home. (If you are planning to eat food at Seoul Forest, it would be better to take a mat because it is often hard to find a vacant table!)

김민정 2

Not only can you enjoy nature, but you can also enjoy a wide variety of art and performances at Seoul Forest. There are almost always people busking, so you can listen to some interesting music. Also, right next to the Seoul Forest, there is a gallery called ‘Galleria Fore’. Until February 16 2020, there will be an exhibition named “The muse: Degas to Gaudi”. So if you are interested in those artists, you can visit the exhibition.

Before it’s gets too hot in Korea, I recommend you go to Seoul Forest and have a time of relaxation and healing!

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