Entertainment and Shopping Complexes near Campus

 Lee Jung

It is hard for us to grasp and appreciate what we pass by every day; seemingly endless school works cloud our curiosity, so we often overlook the mundane aspects of our days. On the way to the Wangsimli area, right by the intersection stand huge apartments with an entertainment complex at the entrance. To be honest, I myself did not know what exactly it was except that it had a variety of restaurants on the signboard. Thanks to my friend who visited the campus and asked for a tour, we got to explore the complex with pleasure and astonishment.

이정 1.jpg

Once inside, the complex offers a far bigger variety of restaurants and cafes than you could imagine There are also claw machines, hair salons, cosmetic stores, and a fountain where a famous Korean drama was filmed.

이정 2.jpg

The best part, however, is the Marvel Store! The moment I entered the complex, I was thrilled to see the Avengers figures welcoming the visitors. There are only a few Marvel Collection shops in Seoul and most of them are located in very crowded places in which they are rather hard to enjoy thoroughly. The store offers Marvel toys, clothes, and other merchandises featuring our favorite characters! I personally love Iron Man. I have grown fond of the character Tony Stark throughout my teenage years and so it took me almost two weeks to recover from Tony’s death in the End Game. So during the visit to the store, I bought myself an Iron Man figure as a consolation.

There is another Enter Six entertainment complex right inside the Wangsimli station. It is actually way bigger than the one I introduced today, with more than thirty fashion brands and twenty restaurants & desert cafes. And some of the stores such as Park Seung Cheol Hair Studio, Outback Steakhouse, Café Bonito, and etc. give out discounts to Hanyang students. So for the Marvel store, restaurants, and cafes visit the place by the intersection, and Wangsimli station for shopping!

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