Gmarket: A Gateway to the Online Shopping Hub in Korea

Lee Jung

Shopping is always delightful. Thanks to the well-established e-commerce markets and fast parcel services in Korea, we as customers enjoy convenient online shopping. The mobile applications e-commerce companies offer are so handy and easy to use that combined with mobile payment services such as Samsung Pay or Kakao Pay, the whole process of purchasing a particular product may take you less than five minutes. And as we are all aware of, there is literally nothing we can’t buy online these days. The only shortcoming is that I often find myself spending lavishly.

Although we are living in a shopping heaven, it is very frustrating that most of the international students cannot use the service. Most of the e-commerce services are not available in other languages and the payment system requires a Korean bank account. Some of my friends actually find it very distressing; I receive multiple requests for online orders on their behalf from time to time.

이정 1.jpg

So today I introduce you an e-commerce mobile application with which you can fully appreciate online shopping in Korea just as Korean students do. Gmarket is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Korea and is the only one offering services in other languages beside Korean. It is available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Like other e-commerce platforms back in your home, the app is so straightforward in its user interface and design that you would not get confused exploring it. On the front page are the daily deals, promotions, and coupons. The products can be sorted by categories, from clothes, cosmetics to books, electronics, and food. I assure you that the best part is the Korean brand products which are offered at much cheaper prices.


Payment steps are always the trickiest part since you don’t have a Korean bank account. Thanks to Gmarket, in this app you can pay via PayPal, Visa, Master and etc. Even for the address, you don’t have to painfully translate an address from English to Korean. Submitting your address in English would suffice.

From my personal experience meeting my foreign friends, the inability to use online shopping apps has been one of the complaints they come up with every time we ask about their discomforts in Korea. With Gmarket, you no longer have to worry about taking so much time to just go buy a petty stuff or asking around where Korean students got particular products. Hope you guys try the app next time you need something in hurry and find it very convenient. Adios!

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