My life as a MyHubs reporter

Kim Yunkun

Upon the start of the semester, I heard about the recruitment about reporters for the English blog of the business department. Before doing my military service back in 2015, I had already work as a reporter previously. With me cherishing those memories and experiences of writing English articles and meeting new people, I was exited and wanted to try it once more.

After application and the interview, I was thrilled to hear about my acceptance to be one of the reporters for HUBS. Once again, I was able to meet new people, and start working on writing articles, soon I found out that apparently the memory only preserved the good sides of the experiences and that reality was more of a challenge than expected.


At the start of the semester, I was filled with ideas, and was confident I would be able to write ample number of articles. That was not the case and I was soon faced with the writer’s block. Though it had been hard thinking about the ideas for writing the articles, looking back, I am filled with the sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Back in 2015, looking at the articles I wrote, I noticed that I had the tendency to write about the things I enjoyed and were not very informative to most readers of the blog. Thus this semester I chose topics that I thought would be informative and helpful. I really hope that it was informative and helpful for the readers and was not just my opinion!

Looking back at this semester, it feels that time had flown. School had started when it was summer, now we had our first snow, and Christmas is just around the corner. Even though I am hoping for this semester to end, I am 100% positive that I will miss writing articles for the blog, going out to gain material, taking and sharing ideas with other reporters as well.

With all this being said, I am very happy to have applied once again to gain the chance to work as a reporter for the HUBS blog. If I have the chance, I wish to write for the blog once more! Hope to meet you all again!

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