Impeached president, and also a prisoner. Part 3

Moon Sooin

From the previous post, Choi who manipulated the former government through the former president, came back to Korea, only to be arrested a day after.

The Persecutors’ office found that when Choi came back, she had tried to delete evidence from her e-mail accounts and make fake alibis with her people. More accusations started surfacing as they investigated further, such as how she was behind manipulating Korean air force’s next generation jets, the THAAD deployment, and managing military officials depending on who she likes and who helped her out. All of the things mentioned were very important decisions, for they actually influenced South Asian countries, the US, Russia and every single aspect of the Korean peninsula.

As numerous charges were uncovered, making a long list of illegal activities that effected the fate of Korean citizens, president Park’s support number dropped down to a single digit percentage, and kept on falling.

I also must mention how sinking of Saewoll ship case was also a part of distrust on Park government. It is basically about how the president of S.Korea went missing for 7 hours, while high school students were drowning or caught in the air pockets made in the capsized ship. As much of the nation was in shocked at the catastrophic incident happened and the a high chance that innocent students might die, the absence of the presidential announcements or actions upset everyone as well. As for what the president was doing during the golden time for rescue, there are various accusations that have yet to be proved or uncovered. However, it is a fact that president Park final decided to come out after the golden time for rescue had long passed.

Anyways, on the November 5th, the second candlelight civil was made. This time allegedly about 200,000 people gathered, although other numbers say otherwise. Still, it was a huge protest considering how most protests have only a few hundred people take part at most. The entire Gunahwamoon area was packed, and people all over the country started to join the cause, which was to impeach the president. Trailing this came a lot of incidents and prosecutions on many people, including major Jaebul(재벌) groups and high ranked officers, all of which led to more protests and more supporters for impeachment. The candlelight civil continued to grow until it peaked at the 6th civil with 2,320,000 alleged participants.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-11-20-18-59-53-7To add some personal veiws, yes, I was a part of the entire protest schedule. There were tons of other protests that involved the corrupt officials. To be honest, I experienced that Korean people actually stood up against immorality and corruptions, and made differences in our country. Ever since the first president, Koreans have a lot of cases of repressive governments against democratic values, just like the time I mentioned when explaining the father Park’s era. And every time, people have managed to overthrow the government to make changes and improve average people’s lives.

Just like the moment on December 9th, where impeachment of president Park has passed the parliament voting. This day is so memorable for me, because I was so scared of what citizens would do when it were not passed. From someone who has experienced all the so called candlelight’s “peaceful” protests, which was quite traumatic for me to see so much chaos and violence with zero sanity left in the people, it was unimaginable to defend parliament from so many people surrounding it. It would’ve made so many casualties in both sides, and I just wanted to finish my set of responsibility for the military service. I never really cared much about the politics, so I just felt it was very wrong and stupid to elect the president, but it was kind of people’s fault, as smart people didn’t vote much, and those who did vote, blindly voted for only one reason, that she was the daughter of a memorable president. Basically, my stance at that time, was that we asked for it. This didn’t mean I was against it, but I just wanted to emphasize that I was not going to let people just go into the parliament and hurt someone, because they made a wrong choice.

In the end, she was impeached and now Koreans have president Moon. I wouldn’t say everything is fine, but this entire incident is a good example of how Koreans are not tolerating people who manipulates their lives with no good causes.

I have to say, I skipped some parts because it was too much information, and I just wanted to show what has happened in short. However, if you are ever curious on what has happened other than that, you are always welcomed to search on foreign newspapers like below. It explains how the foreign press has mentioned about Choi and many others.


-“[단독]최순실 귀국 전후 조직적 증거인멸·짜맞추기 흔적.” 한겨래,

-“[취재파일] 뒤바뀐 차기 전투기 기종..최순실로 모아지는 의혹의 초점.” 다음 뉴스, 1 Nov. 2016,

-Source: 디지털뉴스팀 . “박근혜 전 대통령 근황 보니 ‘담당 교도관도 놀랄 지경’ 왜?” 한국스포츠경제, 9 May 2018,

-“朴 지지율 10% 붕괴’ 여론조사 첫 등장”  노컷뉴스.

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