My first semester at Hanyang, as a freshman

Gayoung Hong (Alice)

          Hello, I am Alice. How was your semester in Hanyang? It feels like it has only been a few days since I received my certificate of entrance for Hanyang but it is the end of the semester now…! Time flies like an arrow. My semester as a freshman was wonderful. I have always dreamed of my university life to be full of people that I love and activities that I like to do, and my dreams came true!


I’ve done so many things this semester. First of all, I joined the student council. As a student council member, I was able to experience the election and since our student council got elected thanks to the voters who are our colleagues, I tried hard to give help to them. I was also able to make 17 new, good friends, sisters, and brothers by working for the student council. By spending most of my free time at the student council office, I was able to know the students from the department of business administration. Like our student council’s name ‘Sympathy,’ my semester was a period that I could feel sympathy with the students of our department.

Selfie at the baseball stadium! >KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-05-30-09-35-53_30.jpeg

This semester was also meaningful to me thanks to the activity I was able to do at my favorite baseball team, SK Wyverns. I work as a customer evaluation group of the team. I evaluate service, marketing, facilities, etc. about SK Wyverns as a customer. By this activity, I was able to enter the baseball stadium without payment, so I have visited the field 7 times until now. I am so happy that I am able to do an activity related to my favorite sport, baseball.


<With Kaylin and her Chinese friend Shaolian for 삼겹살. Fanny wasn’t able to come this day.

Last but not least, I worked as a myHUBS reporter! I decided to join the myHUBS reporter club because my goal in university was to make foreigner friends. Thanks to this activity, I was able to meet two great foreigner friends, Kaylin and Fanny. It was my great pleasure to meet these two friends and I want to keep in touch with them for a long time. Oh, maybe two years later, I may be at Kaylin or Fanny’s home country as an exchange student. Anyways, I always tried to think of topics that foreign friends would be interested in. I paid great attention to make the best article every time! I hope my articles were helpful to you. I like my first article about the baseball field, since the article is made by my 9 years of experience visiting the baseball stadium. I hope you guys visit the baseball stadium at Incheon as my recommendation before you go back to your home town!

I am so proud of myself that I have spent about three months in an efficient way. I met so many nice people and was happy for the semester, so I don’t have regret about my first semester here. I am planning to have an even better semester starting this September. I hope your life in Korea became a good memory to you guys! Thanks!

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