Trendy Bars in Seoul


  1. Urban Space/ Urban Source (301-16 Seongsu 2(i)-ga 3(sam)-dong, Seongdong-gu,Seoul)

Urban Space is the most interesting bar I have been to in Seoul. Located near Ttukseom station, in Seongsu-dong, this place is rapidly becoming one of the trendiest places in the neighborhood and whole city. It is actually where Charli XCX filmed Jay Park’s scene for the music video “Boys”. You need to order a cocktail per person to stay in the bar and there are quite pricy (15,000won) but totally worth it for your Instagram picture! There have a variety of cocktails, all served with extravaganza! There are some dishes, mostly side dishes like fries and nachos. The music played is RnB, hip-hop and a bit of edm and overall, I would have personally downloaded all the songs played while we were there. Finally, the best part: the ball pit!! In the center of the bar there is no dance floor but a ball pit with inflatables like unicorns, watermelon, flamingos to feature in your pictures. There are disco balls suspended to make the ambiance even better.Fanny 9-1Fanny 9-2

  1. The Classic

31 majo-ro seongdong-gu Seoul

This little bar is a treasure for all the jazz lovers out there. Located in the basement level, it is easy to miss the sign announcing the bar so you have to look for it! The bar is pretty small and cozy with jazz and RnB music playing in the background with dimmed lights on. The cocktails are also in a more expensive and sophisticated range (nothing under 8,000 won) but they are wonderful! On Friday nights they even play live jazz music for about an hour and half.

  1. The Table – Jongro Branch

 21 Ujeongguk-ro 2-gil, Gwancheol-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

The Table is specialized in craft beer where you can enjoy more than 30 types of the beverage. There is actually 2 Table bars right next to each other where you can enjoy 2 totally different ambiance and style.  The main one has wood tables and dimmed lights for a cozy atmosphere and the second ones has a bit more chic and clean style with beer pong tables, limbo & darts. They have seasonal beers, which are worth trying if you have the chance. A favourite is the pine pilsner if you are not an beer expert but still want  to have a try.

  1. Cocky Pub / Thursday Party:

Cocky Pub is the bar for the ladies on Thursday nights. This pub offers a ladies night from 8-11pm for 9,900won. The offers is for hard liquor mixes – gin tonic, rhum and coke,etc. with 5 alcohols – gin, rhum, tequila, vodka & more. After 11pm, you can head over to Thursday Party to play beer pong and get some good cocktails.Fanny 9-3


  1. Rooftop 9th floor – The Pub Bros:

Seoul jong ro gu gwan cheon dong 19-21

This bar is placed on a rooftop on the 9th floor of a building. We found this by accident- we same some lights on top of the building and wanted to go see what it was. It is a perfect place to impress a date- cute and cozy with a nice view. Only con is that you have to order a main dish to stay there and they are quite expensive.3

Gr8 – Hookah Bar

24 Jandari-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

This bar really succeeded in creating the middle eastern feel, with dozen of choices of flavoured chicha. Chicha is a water pipe to smoke tobacco. This place is perfect to hang out and later on hit the clubs in Hongdae.

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