Glitters Farewell party (by Yongshin)

용신.jpgOn December 8th, in the Business building, room B104, there was a farewell party hosted by Glitters. The farewell party is the last event of Glitters where members say goodbye to foreign exchange students and make some final memories with them. Since it was the last event of Glitters, nearly 50 students attended at the event. To throw a successful farewell party, Glitters members made various preparations. Because Christmas was near, Glitters members tried to make a Christmas atmosphere. A Christmas tree and various Christmas decorations were put up in the classroom. The event started at 6pm and first we ate pizza as dinner. All attending people were divided into 6 teams, which led to various interesting games to be played after dinner.

The first game was charades. It is similar with speed quiz in Korea. One member would come out to the front with the other members looking at that member. Then, that member would have to explain the word on the screen only using his or her body. There were various categories like sports, country, movie, things, job, and animals and each team choose one category and had to act out and figure out the words that appeared on the screen in a minute and a half. Many students had their own creative way to explain words, making many of us laugh and enjoy watching even when we weren’t actually playing.

Second game was Scramble. It is also a game where you have to figure out the right word. But for this game, you would have to look at the scrambled word and decode and rearrange the letters to figure out the correct word. Most of the words from this game were words related to Christmas. It was so hard for me to solve, but some students were talented at this game. It was a more individually participating game so many students raised up their hands and tried to shout the answer as soon as possible. Many students participated at the game in passion.

Third game was “The genius”. It is a game similar with brain twisters. There were quiz questions that you had to solve by thinking differently and outside the box. Some questions made us feel futile and some surprised us when we heard the answer. Although we were college and graduate school students, school could not have prepared us for the questions that came up.

Lastly, there was a special time for Christmas. We got to decorate our own gingerbread cookies. Each participating student received a cookie that didn’t have any decoration. Then, chocolate pens of various colors were given to each team. By using this pen, we had a time to decorate our own cookie. Most students drew a face on cookie while some drew Christmas scenes on it. After they finished drawing, some students keep the cookie as memorial while the other eat the cookie deliciously.

Also, we checked the total score of each game and picked out the winning team of the day. For the winning team, glitters gave soju glass which marked “We will miss you” as Korean as a gift. Also, there were some glasses left so we a few pop quizzes about glitters to give out the gift.

Just like last semester, the farewell party was a success. Especially, for this semester, we prepared a farewell party related to Christmas and this received good response from exchange students. For exchange students, it is hard to meet Korean students so I guess glitters activity is helpful for them. I hope farewell party was enjoyable and memorable for exchange students.

(Article by Yonghin, a sophomore of Hanyang University)

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