Musicals in Korea Right Now!

You may have fun sightseeing in all the places in Korea. This year, there are some famous musicals that are on their world tour, visiting Korea. Because they are on world tour, they are the original cast with all the original soundtracks. If you are a musical lover, but was sad because all the musicals were in Korean, why not see an original musical?


Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde is a musical that is famous for the song “This is the Moment.” It is about a doctor named Henry Jekyll. Henry Jekyll is trying to make a medicine that separates the good and evil within a person. He had succeeded in experimenting on animals, and wants to experiment on a person. However, the church and all the hypocrites ban Henry Jekyll from doing the experiments on a person. Henry Jekyll has no other choice but to experiment on his own, and his inner good and evil gets separated. The musical is about the process and results of the experiment. It is now over though, it was showing from March 8th to May 21st at Samsung Blue Square Hall (삼성블루스퀘어홀). Samsung Blue Square Hall is at Hangang-Jin Station (한강진역) which is near Itaewon (이태원).


Dream Girls

Source: OD Company

If you like R&B, the musical ‘Dream Girls’ is just the musical for you. This year is the first time Dream Girls visits Korea. Dream Girls is about a trio singing to make their dreams come true. It is about friendship, love, and of course, dreams. The song ‘Listen’ is one of the Dream Girls’ most famous numbers. It will be showing at Charlotte Theater (샤롯데 씨어더), which is near Jamsil Station (잠실역). Jamsil Station is also a great place to visit because of the lake and many department stores. We also have an article about Lotte Tower (롯데타워), which is the newly built building, 5th tallest in the world. The date of showing is from April 4th to June 25th.



The musical Chicago is also a famous musical that is coming to Korea. It is about prisoners at a prison. It is one of America’s most famous musicals. Chicago is famous for its amazing songs and dazzling choreography. The music behind Chicago is mostly jazz, and the most famous number is also ‘All That Jazz’. It is going to show starting from May 27th until July 23rd also at Samsung Blue Square Hall at Hangang-Jin Station near Itaewon.



Source: Sports Donga

Cats is also a very famous musical that is coming to Korea. It first showed at 1981, and is on the Guinness World Records for longest showing musical. It is about cats, obviously because it is the title. Watching the actors dressed up as cats are a thing to watch. The songs and choreography is also fantastic. The most famous number is ‘Memory’. It will be showing from July 11th to August 10th at the National Theater (국립극장) of Korea Haeoreum Grand Theater (해오름극장). It is near Yaksu Station (약수역).


As you can see, this year a lot of musicals are coming to show at Korea. It must be good news for musical lovers, who couldn’t go see any musicals because they were all in Korean. Going to watch a Korean musical is also a special experience, but watching a musical in English is also important. Why don’t you go and grab a musical during your stay in Korea?


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration


  1. It’s interesting to note how Koreans are doing a lot of musicals. It shows how they are appreciating broadway hits as well as homegrown originals, like the Nanta musicals (is it?). Another proof is the recent Hedwig and the Angry Inch where 5 talented artists took the lead role. One thing, I hope you could include the cast for each show…well, it’s through these set-ups where we get to know great singers and actors! Thanks, and I look forward to hear more news from your site. :)

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