After One Semester as a myHUBS Reporter and a Glitters Member (by SooJung)

For about 4 months, spring 2016 myHUBS reporters have had a responsibility to convey useful information living in Seoul and Korea in the article format. Until now, we’ve covered so many genre of the articles from local festivals to hidden, but fascinating places to go out in Seoul. The amount of articles that our team have written during one semester is 80 in total, of which number is similar to that of last semester.

Of course, it is not that easy stuff to write an article every week, with lots of assignments from professors stacked onto my desk. However, I could fully understand the meaning of “Time flies like an arrow” when I participated in and worked as a myHUBS reporter at my best. Actually, I studied abroad to Florida as an exchange student right before this semester. Surprisingly, through this activity I could meet with foreign students by chance who came from the same university that I have stayed before. What a lucky coincidence!

Furthermore, I have worked for ‘Glitters’ for one semester at the same time. ‘Glitters’ was established in March 2016, to help out the unfamiliar life in Korea for exchange students majored in business at Hanyang University. In fact, all Korean myHUBS reporters were belonged into the “Glitters”. We were trying to support them with the event of orientation, field trip to company factory, and school festival. Glitters would maintain its activity for the upcoming 2016 fall semester with fun and helpful programs. So feel free to show us your interest at any time!

Lastly, I am so grateful and thankful for your enthusiasm and sacrifice showing to us. I hope you all cherish that moment of our short lunch meeting as a beautiful memory in Korea. Also, this experience of writing about your daily life would play a big role in your whole life. See you again in the states or in Korea, whatever.


Catherine, Eli, and Rachel from the United States, Tallahassee would be definitely hotter and more humid there.

Sangeun, Yeongwoo, and Junhyung, Have a wonderful summer vacation and take care of yourselves!


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration


  1. Jessica says:

    i am an exchange student for the next semester.i also want to join in glitters.i do not know whether i can join when i arrive in Korea.

  2. Hey, great to here you’ll be coming to Hanyang next semester. It’d be great if you leave your e-mail address so we can contact you later on. Thanks!

  3. OK,i am so happy to receive your reply.That’s my e-mail to be a member of glitters when i come Hanyang.Thank you for your group efforts that i can know more about exchange students’life.

  4. I am happy to receive your reply.That’s my email to be a member of glitters when i come to Hanyang.Thank you for your group hard work that i can know more about the exchange students’life.

  5. Jessica says:

    OK,i am very happy to receive your reply.Hope to be a member of glitters when i come to Hanyang.Thank you for your group hard work that i can know more about the exchange students’ is my email address.Look forward to hearing your news.

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