HY-COOP 하이쿱) is a student cooperative association that Hanyang University’s (한양대학교) students, and the school personnel can participate in. It aims for promoting the welfare of the member of the association and democratic business that contribute to the community. It is special that HY-COOP is managed by Hanyang University’s students. HY-COOP is the field placement space that students can participate in establishing the business plan, marketing, and operation management. The members of the HY-COOP are consumers and at the same time they sell or distribute the products and service as suppliers. And total amount of gains are used for the distribution of the member of the HY-COOP and Hanyang University’s development fund. Global Entrepreneurship Center(글로벌기업가센터) of Hanyang University supports the HY-COOP food truck for the realization of the student’s start-up and ‘Go-Pu-Da’ that Hanyang University’s student’s start-up group provides patronage.


The menu of HY-COOP

It was test-operated during the festival(25th~27th, May). And from 7th on June HY-COOP food truck will operate formally in front of the Graduate School Building. It will be opened at 10 a.m. and closed at 10 p.m, Monday through Saturday.(On Saturday it will be closed at 6 p.m.) Of course during the semester, and vacation it is operate regularly so please take interest and use it.


HY-COOP was test-operated during the festivals

Last 31th on May, the mayor of Seoul, Park Won soon visited HY-COOP food truck. He taste HY-COOP’s food and encourage student’s challenge. HY-COOP is killing two birds with one stone because the mood is creating sensible consumption and the profits will pay back the students due to the spontaneous participation. Through the HY-COOP students think about things for themselves that they really need, and they plan the business and operate following their needs. Like this HY-COOP positioned as it’s seat as start-up training platform that experience an entrepreneurial spirit.


 The Mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon (박원순) visited HY-COOP on  May 31st

 < How to join HY-COOP? >

If you want to be the member of the HY-COOP, you have to fill in an application form. And then pay 10,000 Won for membership fees and pay investment of at least 10,000 Won. So you pay 20,000 Won at least in total. Membership fee can’t get back but the money invested can pay back anytime that you want. Also, you can get the dividend according to your result of usage and your investment. After the checking, you become the HY-COOP member.


 The appearance of HY-COOP food truck and coupons

< Benefits of being a member of HY-COOP >

You can get 4 benefits if you become a member of the HY-COOP. First, you can get a discount about 15% so you can buy all the food for just 3500 Won. Also you will get the dividend once a year. It is provided by the money that you invested in. It helps school start-up education because it made by students and manage by students and it chucks in percentage for student’s welfare to contribute for better start-up class. Also HY-COOP provides the chance to participant in management anytime if you want. Therefore it is purely the students’ independent cooperative association.


Article by YeongWoo from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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