HYU Festival Week is Coming!

One of the major events you can enjoy while studying in Korean universities is school festival. This year’s festival will be held for three days, from Wednesday, May 25 to Friday. The theme of this year’s festival is 자체발광 meaning self-radiating. The theme reflects the idea of radiating the light of youth and passion within ourselves. Each day, a big major event will be going on at the outdoor theatre (노천극장) next to the ChungMongKoo Automative Research Center (정몽구미래자동차연구센터 .

5/24 League of Legends Battle: are you a big fan of e-sport? Do you want to experience the South Korean online gamers’ society in real? Do not miss the Student LoL Battle on Tuesday!

5/25 Cheerleading Performance: RHooters, HYU’s one and only cheerleading club will be showing their passion and power to our students! Come and hear the soar of Hanyang lions!

5/26 Student Club Talent Night: Among numerous student activity clubs in our campus, dancing, music, busking, and other various art clubs will be showing their talents. They have all worked hard to come up on stage. Check them out!

5/27 HYU Singers’ Competition: I guess this is the night most students have been waiting for. A pre-contest was held several weeks prior to the main event to select those who will be performing on a real stage. Be prepared to be surprised to hear the Voice of Hanyangian!

Additionally, it is a tradition of the Korean university festival that celebrities visit the campus. This year, Zion.T (자이언티), a famous Korean rapper, YoonDoHyun Band (YB), one of the history-long rock bands, and RedVelvet (레드벨벳), a rising “girl-group” will visit our campus. It will be a big concert and many students are excited to attending this event.

If you thought that the festival is only about “on-stage”, please read the remainder of this article! Throughout the three days, you will get to see a lot of parachutes and booths selling food, beverages and student-made items. These are voluntarily set up by student clubs and major departments in order to raise funds for operation of the organizations. Foods they sell usually include Korean vegetable pancakes, tofu with kimchi, grilled sausages, spicy pork and so on. Also, only during the festival are allowed for students to sell alcohol legally, so I recommend to hang out with friends and walk around the campus.

In addition, usually, Student Union designs a T-shirt for festival. You can purchase them in front of the Social Science Building. Last year, it was sold at 5000won. Amounts are limited, so hurry!

8 노천극장

This year, Glitters, the student union supporting international students in HUBS is also having an event at Haengwon Park (the grassfield in front of the business building). During daytime, Glitters will be doing some traditional Korean games and selling sweets and ice cream. Foods are free if you win the games. Special presents are prepared for final winners. Also, there will be booth where you can try out wearing Hanbok, Korean traditional costumes. The event will last for two days from Wednesday to Thursday. Do not miss the chance to play with other business students.


Article by Sangeun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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