Men’s Spring & Summer Style in Seoul

Gentlemen, it’s time to pack up those overcoats and break out the shorts because spring is here and summer is fast approaching! There are many items that are staples during every season here such as dark wash jeans, sneakers, and dress shoes. However there are a few style points that are unique to Korean men’s style in the warmer months.

The Basics

The staples of warm weather aren’t so easily affected by trends since the primary goal for many is to be comfortable. With that being said, there tends to be one outfit that everyone, both man and woman, really like to wear: the horizontal striped t-shirt, dark wash jeans and sneakers. It’s a classic look synonymous with youth. While you may see occasionally in the U.S., many people in Korea like this outfit specifically because of its youthful properties. You can also see many couples rocking this outfit together when you’re walking around Seoul. Another common shirt is the linen collarless shirt. Its material is very light and breathes well, which will help keep you cool, especially in the summer. The lack of the collar makes the shirt much more casual, but I’ve seen a few guys pairing this shirt with a suit and it works very well!

striped t-shirt Skinny Jeans 20160408_125458


Keep It Cool with a Blazer

Now that we’ve got our basics covered, let’s take a look at some of the other options that Korean men like to wear for warmer weather. A blazer seems to be a popular option among Koreans. You can either dress it up with khaki pants and a shirt or dress it down with a t-shirt with shorts. While it may sound crazy to wear a blazer in the summer heat, if you choose the right kind of blazer, you can easily wear one and stay cool while looking cool. The key is to find a blazer that is unlined and has a very loose weave. The best way to tell if the weave is loose is by holding it up to the light. If the light can shine through the fabric, you should have no problem keeping cool!



No Shortcuts with Short

As someone who’s from Florida, land of the eternal summer, I’m somewhat of an expert on the subject of shorts. Here’s the bottom line: your shorts should end between the bottom of your knee and 1 inch above your knee. Beyond that, you can go any direction you want with shorts. I’ve started to see quite the colorful array, with fit varying from slim to skinny. I’ve also seen plenty of jorts (jean shorts) out there. While I personally believe that jorts are a tacky fad from the 90s, if you’re up to following this Korean trend, I’ll turn my head the other way. Now if you’re lucky enough to head to a beach, be sure to grab yourself a colorful pair swimming trunks. The same rules apply. Bonus points if you’re brave enough to rock the extra short swimming trunks! And if you’re an advocate of the swimming briefs, just do everyone a favor and stop.

Shorts example jorts swimming trunks











The warmer weather means that we can finally lighten the load on our feet. While it seems that crazy color socks were quite the fad during this winter, it was quick to disappear as the warm spring weather rolled in. That’s right, the sockless look is as strong here in Korea as it is in any other part of the world. If you plan on going sockless, do it the right way and wear no show socks or use some sort of powder to keep your feet dry. Otherwise, your shoes will turn into quite the swamp of bacteria and bad smells. As far as footwear itself is concerned, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white canvas sneakers. Sure, leather sneakers are great, but they just don’t breathe the same way a good pair of canvas sneakers do! There are also plenty of canvas slippers and slip on shoes that are perfect if you decide to take a trip to a beautiful beach! And last, but certainly not least, we have the boat shoe. It’s a classic shoe that’s synonymous with summer and the ocean.

white canvas shoes Summer slip on shoes Boat shoes

Other Things to Consider

If you’re planning on wearing jeans during the summer, stick to lighter weights and be sure to cuff them. No I don’t mean put them in hand cuffs. By folding up part of your jeans, you’re allowing extra air to flow freely which allows you to stay cool! Also, consider wearing an undershirt. While it may sound like an extra layer is asking for heat, it also protects your clothes from any unwanted sweat. Another thing I’d like to point out is that Korean men, although they may like clothes that fit closer to their bodies, seem to wear looser fitting clothes in order to remain comfortable. This shouldn’t be confused for allowing your clothes to be too big however. Lastly, be sure to get a cool pair of sunglasses. It’s bright out there, and besides everyone looks a bit cooler when they put on a pair of killer shades!



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Article by Eli from the U.S.A.

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