Summer is coming!

Anna Lee Summer is coming. As you know South Korea has four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. It all has its own characteristics. And one thing is definitely true, summer is hot. It can make you like you are in South East Asia. It became hotter, recently, due to global warming. So in […]

5 Little Tips on How to Survive Seoul’s Hot Summer Days

We all know that Seoul (서울) will have some blazing hot summer weather, and we don’t want to spend a fortune on air conditioning and ice cream either. Therefore, below are some survive tips on how to make most of the summer heat while having fun!   1. Eat Cold Noodles (냉면) If you don’t […]

Men’s Spring & Summer Style in Seoul

Gentlemen, it’s time to pack up those overcoats and break out the shorts because spring is here and summer is fast approaching! There are many items that are staples during every season here such as dark wash jeans, sneakers, and dress shoes. However there are a few style points that are unique to Korean men’s […]