Student Housing: Off-campus Housing Options

There are several options available for students who decide not to stay at on-campus housing arranged by the university. While on-campus housing offers security and hassle-free living, the strengths of off-campus housing lie in more flexible rules and locations. Since there is a limited number of rooms at on-campus dormitories, most of the international students end up finding a place from outside Hanyang campus.


Off-campus dormitories

The university has a few off-campus dormitories located right next to one of the campus gates that are available for international students. Since they are official dormitories arranged by Hanyang University, they are very similar to on-campus housing. The four dormitories, called Smartville, Roseville, Majangville and Vision, are slightly more lax about their rules compared to on-campus housing with no curfew. However, unlike on-campus housing where utilities are included in the rent, the price of water and heating is deducted from the student’s deposit at the end of their stay at off-campus housing.

The off-campus dormitories are close to many restaurants at Wangsimni, as well as the university hospital and Shinhan bank. They are still quite close to the campus, with about a 10-20 minute walk to lectures. It is possible to apply to off-campus housing online before arriving to Korea.




Goshiwons are small, private rooms that come with shared or private bathing facilities. The word ‘goshiwon’ means ‘study room’, because they started out as peaceful places to study and sleep for people who have important exams to pass. However, goshiwons are becoming a popular accommodation option in Korea among students and recent graduates due to their affordable price.

A typical goshiwon is located in a convenient place for students. Wangsimni area near the university has several buildings with clusters of goshiwon rooms as well. Rooms tend to be very small with a bed, desk and bathroom, or alternatively shared bathrooms with other residents staying on the same floor.

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A website where you can search different goshiwons by university or subway stop is called


Independent renting

For those who want to get an actual flat while in Korea, the best option is to rent one from an independent landlord. This type of housing allows a student to choose the type of location, room and price that suits them the best. Independent renting is also possibly the only way to have your own kitchen, since other accommodation types don’t tend to have any (on-campus housing only allows snacks inside, so no food storing either).


The students who decide to find their own accommodation need to be responsible and take care not to be too naïve so they won’t get tricked by fake landlords or bad apartments. They also have to take care of monthly rent and utilities, and possibly even figure out how to get an Internet connection.

It is possible to get connected with Korean realtors even before arriving in Korea, and to make a preliminary housing contract via email that both parties can sign upon arrival. Independent landlords often require a key money deposit, ranging from about two-thirds to twice or even more of the total cost of the contract period. This is meant to assure the landlord that the tenant won’t stop paying the rent or destroy property.

Useful websites to check out when looking to rent from an independent landlord are, and


Temporary housing

Maybe you will want to come here first to look at the housing options in person before deciding on which type of accommodation to choose. In the mean time, the most affordable place to stay in is a hostel. has a selection of hostels from around the world, with reviews from previous visitors.


Goshiwon pictures from:


Article by Miia from the U.K.


  1. Has anyone stayed in Apple Oneroom or Unidence Hanyang before? Appreciate your comment.
    Is there any other good recommendation of goshiwons around Hanyang?
    Thank you.

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