South Korea: What I Will Miss Most by Tara

Before I came to South Korea I really had no idea what to expect. I am now 3 weeks away from the end of my time here and I cannot believe it is almost over. Time really does fly when you are having fun! It is important to make the most of your time when you study abroad because before you know it, it’s over! So for nostalgia’s sake, I wanted to write my last blog post on what I will miss most about Korea.



I am from Florida, where there are no mountains. The last thing I expected to do in South Korea was hike, but there are mountains and beautiful national parks EVERYWHERE. Even in Seoul, the metropolitan center, there is Bukhansan (북한산) and many other mountains you can enjoy (Take a look at our blog for more!). I have done so much hiking in Korea, it has become a hobby of mine and I plan to take hiking trips in the future. I will mainly miss seeing Koreans 40 or 50 years older than me breeze past me on the hiking trails while I gasp for air -__-


No Theft

When I have traveled in the past, I am always very conscious of my belongings to avoid being robbed. Even at home, when I am in public I keep a close eye on my belongings, especially my cell phone, laptop, etc. However, while I am sure theft happens in Korea, it is definitely not the norm. I have seen Koreans leave all their stuff, including wallets, phones, and laptops, at their table in a cafe while they are nowhere in sight. I have a sense of security when I am in public in Korea that I have never had outside of my home.


Cafes, Bubble Tea, and Dessert

One of the first things you will notice when you get to Seoul is that there are cafes literally EVERYWHERE. Most of these cafes sell desserts and bubble tea. Any hour of the day you can count on being able to find something delicious within walking distance in Seoul.


Public Transportation

The public transportation in South Korea is AWESOME! I can get anywhere in the city by subway, and anywhere in the country by bus or train. Plus, the buses are inexpensive, clean, and comfortable.


I find Koreans hilarious for many reasons, but I will especially miss how Koreans do not hesitate to run when they are in a hurry, drink huge amounts of soju at any day, and have amazing fashion skills. One of the best parts about Korea are the Korean friends I’ve made. It is interesting to see how people from a different culture can see things very differently from you, but also have so much in common with you. :D


Music Choice

In the US when you go in a restaurant or store there is usually a theme for the music playing, that is consistent with the atmosphere the place wants to provide. But in Korea, you could be in a Japanese restaurant and hear K-Pop, rap, and metal all in one meal. Koreans play whatever is popular, no matter the genre.

Public Drinking

Korea is the only place I have been where drinking outside of convenience stores is a possibility. In fact, most convenience stores have multiple tables and chairs set up so everyone can buy their drinks and hangout.


The pictures are from a few of my favorite times here. I will miss you so dearly, Korea!


Article by Tara from the U.S.A.

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