Membership Training in Korean Universities

Also known to Korean university students as the flower of college life, membership training is one of the iconic university events for Koreans. Usually held at the start of each semester, the underlining purpose of the Membership Training (MT) is for the individuals to become familiar with each other and learn about the group they are with. There are lots of variations depending on who you are going with, but this time I will introduce the typical MT scenario to expect if you decide on going.


Group Photo Shot in the Morning!

A typical MT begins with gathering together to move all the goods (Lots of Food and Beverage) you have bought for the night to the place you’re staying via subway or bus. The usual destination for Hanyang University is Daesoeng ri. The place has what is called a MT village where lots of pensions (small rental places for the night). Once at the Daesoeng ri station (대성리역) everyone comes together for the team photo shoot.

Once at the place where you will be spending the night, the people will be divided in to small groups where they will get to know each other and play games for prizes. Once the introductions and pleasantries are over, comes the games. Various mini games will decide your team’s place and prize that will determine the quality of drinks for the long night. The games will stop when it is time for dinner.




Dinner is usually barbeque with meat! Yes meat! There are lots of it and everyone can enjoy as much as they wish. Personal advice is to have a hearty meal in advance to the long night. After everybody is full and happy comes the final period of the MT! PARTY!!


Getting Drunk

After dinner, an almost unlimited amount of drinks are served all through the night, where everyone can enjoy soju, beer, so-mak, and other drinks. You can also try the various Korean drinking games and don’t worry if you don’t know the rules! You will learn as you drink the penalty shots! Having a big meal will help you from getting drunk but watch out, once you go over the line you will be seeing the contents of your dinner laid out before you.


Fun Games!

After the long night and the not so good sleep, everyone will pack up and leave, each with a memory, good or bad, and in most cases, a painful headache. Also hopefully you will have made friends during the night! Good luck on your next MT! Remember this is only just a description of the typical MT, hope you enjoy!


Article by Yoon from Korea


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