A Day of Exploring Seoul


A Day of Exploring Seoul

Hey, I am back with one more day of outing experience to share with you guys. As you might know, I like food so much. This time I was in Myeongdong wandering around the Lotte Department store. Apparently, I accidentally met one of my friends there, and that’s how my day took a turn.

We decided to have some brunch first. Well, being a vegetarian is so difficult here so we went to Macdonald, the safe option, to have a light lunch. As usual, it was good. Then the Lucky Ducky Café which I mentioned was nearby so we went there. 

[Naver Map]

Lucky Ducky

서울 중구 명동9길 16


This time too I had something chocolate flavour 😅. I ordered choco mousse cake and a hot choco latte. {Actually, I can’t drink coffee so I always order non-coffee drinks}

      RATING: 5/5

It was really good. I will highly recommend their choco cakes and cheesecakes.

Next, we watched the movie but only one movie was in English at that time which was Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Well, it was good too. I think even adults can enjoy it. I enjoyed and one scene was emotional so I cried 😢. [Can you imagine I love watching horror movies at night and I watch alone too but I get emotional in kids’ movies 😅]

Later, after doing some window shopping, we went to an Indian restaurant we discovered while walking. {By the way, there was a sale on boots 👢 and it was for just 13,000 won but unfortunately my size was already sold out 😔}

The name of the Indian restaurant is Potalla. 

[Naver Map]

Potalla Jongno Branch

서울 종로구 청계천로 99


RATING: 100/10   {Really tasty}

The food was superb. I could feel the taste of India. I was over the moon after dinner. I highly recommend going there for Indian food. The most recommended dish is “Paneer Butter Masala” with “Naan” and “Milk Tea also known as Chai”. We also ordered a snack called “Samosa” with “Chai”. Everything was up to the standard.

Two things I would like to add are that if you walk along the street where this restaurant is that there is a river stream along the street and another is that you can come across digital paintings on the road during night time. The artist has done beautiful work. These are some little details for you to enjoy and appreciate the little things.

Like this, my day came to an end. This was my experience which was a totally random plan made on the sport. So, I think everyone should just go with the flow and enjoy whatever comes to mind.

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