Multiple Shopping Complexes in Seoul

If you are sick, tired, and bored of the Wangshimni area, I recommend to you some fancy multiple shopping complexes in Seoul. I picked 3 places based on size, convenience, and distance from Wangshimni where many foreign students live.

1. Yeongdeungpo Timesquare

Yeongdeungpo Market station, Yeouido, Yeouinaru station subway line 5 (purple line)


Timesquare is the nation’s largest multiple shopping complex in Yeongdeunpo. If you take subway from Wangshimni station line 5, you can easily get there. You can also reach the Timesquare building from Munlae station line 2 and Yeongdeungpo station line 1. The shopping complex is comprised of the commercial, business, and cultural areas including Shinsegae department store, Emart, CGV Multiplex, Kyobo bookstore, Courtyard by Marriott Seoul Times Square, and some conference halls. Also, there is a natural garden in the shopping center. All these facilities guarantee a pleasurable shopping experience for you.




2. Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, subway line 2 (green line)/

Have you seen the unique gray building at Dondaemun History & Culture Park? It is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) newly built in 2014, it boasts the fanciest shops, facilities, and galleries. DDP does not offer you shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters in one place like other multiple shopping complexes. However, it does has several designer shops that you will not find easily at other shopping malls. Also park around DDP offers night view that is worth seeing. I’m sure that you will have a shopping experience never experienced elsewhere at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.



3. Yongsan I’PARK Mall

Yongsan station subway line 4/

Finally, I recommend Yongsan I’PARK Mall. It’s a little bit far from Wangshimni but close to Itaewon. It has I’PARK department store, Emart, digital shops, theaters, and some franchise restaurants. Especially, I propose visiting the Korean traditional buffet, “Seasons Table” on the 7th floor of I’PARK mall after shopping or dating. You can enjoy various Korean food of good quality.


So far, I introduced three convenient shopping complexes in Seoul. When you want to date, play, and shop in one place, it will be great to visit these places above and have some fun.

ipark mall1


By Wonji from Korea

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