Getting closer to Korean Culture

Reported by Lee Eun Ji  It is always hard to get used to other countries’ culture. It takes some time and patience. Today, I will recommend you some recent, hot movies and dramas you should watch in order to have something to talk about with Koreans. From my experience, it feels really satisfying to see […]

Be Prepared to Watch these Movies!

Doctor Strange   Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ has shown up on theaters since Oct. 26th in Korea. Also, Doctor Strange was scheduled for release on October 25, 2016 in the UK and on November 4 in the US. The popularity of this movie was so high that the immense success began right out of the starting gate. […]

Recommending Korean Historical Films (Part 1)

Hello everyone. Hope you’re enjoy a pleasant semester. Studying in a foreign country does not only mean getting academic knowledge. You actually get to have deeper understanding of diversity through experiencing new culture. I have been wondering what would I be interested in if I were an exchange student in South Korea, then I thought […]

Going to the Movies in Seoul

I love going to the movies! Back in North America I go to movies all the time, so naturally, in coming to Seoul I was dreading not being able to see movies here. But this was a silly thing to fear, because luckily, most movies (unless they are Korean or animated) play in English here. […]