The Unique Points of Korean Pizza

Nam InHan Korean pizza can be new to exchange students. Especially, if you are used to eating American pizza or Italian pizza, you will feel that Korean pizza is rather unique. First of all, Korean pizza is based on American pizza rather than Italian pizza. Whilst pizza is considered a cheap fast food in America, […]

The Three ‘Jangs’ of Korean Cuisine

Youn Seng Min Hello guys and girls! Another great week I hope. As we are nearing the end of the semester I have started paying for the crimes of my proscrastinations past. I really hope that I will eventually stop procrastinating. I am really looking forward to not having to deal with the three-hour commute […]

Anju – What to Drink and What to Eat

Youn Seng Min  Hey guys and girls! I hope you’ve had another wonderful week. Me? I’m still trying to get over the fact that I may have to retake a course next semester due to a horrible exam score. At least I get to retake the course. All’s well that ends well right? Today I’d […]

Koreans’ unique culture: Enjoying hot spicy food

Kim Min Jung Have you ever tried any spicy food in Korea? Maybe you have tried Kimchi and felt it was spicy. However, Koreans are very famous for enjoying hot spicy food. So we do not think Kimchi as a spicy menu and there are a lot of red dishes such as Tteokbokki(떡볶이), Ramyeon, meat […]

Back Alley Eateries Day 2: HanYangChon

Youn Seng Min Hi guys! How are you all doing? Another great week I hope! With an exam coming next Thursday, I really should be studying. I just keep telling myself that life isn’t all about grades. Except it’s not like I’m doing anything productive instead of studying… Anyway, how are you adjusting to the […]

Grilled Intestine and Intestine Soup

Youn Seng Min Back when I first started working in New York, I offhandedly mentioned that I missed eating ‘Gop-Chang (tripe)’ to some of my new American friends. Most of them, being chefs, were curious whilst some seemed to be disgusted by the idea of eating the organs of an animal. Back in Korea, I […]

Korean pork bbq :‘더 서민 구이’ (The SeoMin Gooie)

Youn Seng Min Hi guys! How was your weekend? I hope you didn’t have to stay home and study all weekend… Honestly, I myself have much to catch up. Despite the fact that I have four upcoming exams for which I should have started studying last week, I decided to go drinking with my friends […]

Back Alley Eateries Day 1: DashiOlChicken (다시올치킨)

Seng Min Youn Had someone warned me about the seemingly bottomless pool of work I would flounder in, perhaps I wouldn’t have decided that uni was a good idea. A month into the semester, I have already made five, twenty-slide power point presentations. All these cherry blossoms and annoyingly cute couples mock me. I hope […]