The Notorious ; Shinjeon Tteok-bokki

  Have you guys tried this wonderful food? If you haven’t, you definitely should go right away. Stop reading this article, pack your stuff, go straight to your nearest Shinjeon tteok-bokki place. I promise it will be an incredible experience that you guys will never forget. I bet more than 1/3 will be a Shinjeon […]

Korean Narrative: What’s With the Garlic?

Su Un Taeh Kim In continuation to the series of attempts to introduce Korean history and culture in the most ‘interesting’ fashion, this week’s Korean narrative is about the culprit behind the peculiar scent found in most Korean food: Garlic (마늘). Starting from the average pork belly chop house at Wangsimni to almost all Korean […]

Trends in Korea during Covid-19 Lockdown

  Han Joon Lee Trends in Korea during Covid-19 Lockdown As the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon, the Korean government has urged citizens to stay home and take part in the social distancing campaign. In addition, university classes have been transitioned from offline to online, schools have been canceled, and people are […]

Back Alley Eateries 3: Something Unexpected

Youn SengMin Hello Hello! Last week I watched a movie which I could easily say is one of my all time favourites. Definitely go check out “Parasite” by Mr. Bong! It’s a hundred times better if you go in without knowing anything about the plot, so make sure no one spoils it for you! Also, […]

The Unique Points of Korean Pizza

Nam InHan Korean pizza can be new to exchange students. Especially, if you are used to eating American pizza or Italian pizza, you will feel that Korean pizza is rather unique. First of all, Korean pizza is based on American pizza rather than Italian pizza. Whilst pizza is considered a cheap fast food in America, […]

The Three ‘Jangs’ of Korean Cuisine

Youn Seng Min Hello guys and girls! Another great week I hope. As we are nearing the end of the semester I have started paying for the crimes of my proscrastinations past. I really hope that I will eventually stop procrastinating. I am really looking forward to not having to deal with the three-hour commute […]

Anju – What to Drink and What to Eat

Youn Seng Min  Hey guys and girls! I hope you’ve had another wonderful week. Me? I’m still trying to get over the fact that I may have to retake a course next semester due to a horrible exam score. At least I get to retake the course. All’s well that ends well right? Today I’d […]

Koreans’ unique culture: Enjoying hot spicy food

Kim Min Jung Have you ever tried any spicy food in Korea? Maybe you have tried Kimchi and felt it was spicy. However, Koreans are very famous for enjoying hot spicy food. So we do not think Kimchi as a spicy menu and there are a lot of red dishes such as Tteokbokki(떡볶이), Ramyeon, meat […]