Self Introduction

Park Chae-eun

Hello! I am Park Chae-eun, a reporter for this semester. Let me introduce myself. I am a sophomore and 21 years old. I used to live in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do for 20 years, but I came to Seoul after entering university, and now I reside in a dormitory.

My personality is bright and easy-going. I may appear shy at first, but as we get closer, you will see a talkative and unexpected side of me. I love to try new things, whether it is trying new food, exploring new places, or trying new activities.

Some of my favorite hobbies include watching movies, riding a Seoul bike, taking walks, and having conversations with friends at cafes. I often take a stroll at 중량천 since it’s near my dormitory, and I frequently go to Ttukseom Island by bike to enjoy the riverside view with my friends. I also enjoy watching movies alone at home.

As a reporter, I aim to write mainly about useful information that I have learned and experienced directly, especially during my first year in school. Additionally, I would like to introduce some of the restaurants near the school since I have tried a lot of delicious food while living in the dormitory for a year. As a reporter for the business school, I will do my best to bring you insightful and useful stories.

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