Best 3 Live Music Performances: Enjoy in your room


The COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of ending, and because of this, the enthusiasm for concerts and festivals has faded. These days, more and more time is spent at home, avoiding the dangerous outdoors. I have brought 3 live performance videos that will give us, at least a little bit of strength, to those of us who live such a dry life.

(Image Source: YouTube :

The first is a video that overwhelms everything else with just one location. This is FKJ’s live performance with the famous Bolivian Uyuni salt desert in the background. He is a representative artist in the music genre called ‘New French House’. When I watch this video, I think, “Where and how did they find such a wonderful place and take it?” In the middle of the vast Uyuni Desert, where the sky and the earth seem to touch each other, the genius musician FKJ hits the keys, plays the guitar and bass, plays the saxophone and sings. The performance lasted about an hour and a half. With a dreamy and groovy sound, the enchanting scenery of the sky that changes gradually fills the screen. Perhaps even the vast Mother Nature fell in love with his music.

(Image Source: YouTube)

The following is a live video of 88rising artist JOJI singing his signature song ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’. Personally, I think this live video suits the song better than the original song. The part where the audience sings the chorus together is particularly impressive. JOJI gives us a unique ‘peaceful melancholy’. I want everyone to feel the feeling of being in the middle of the performance with the lights turned off in the room.

(Image Source: YouTube)
The last is a live video of ‘Sincerity is scary’ by the British band The 1975. This song speaks about the irony of our society where sincerity or sincerity is ridiculed. The meaning of the song itself is good, but the atmosphere of the video is very attractive. From the cheering crowd, to Matthew Healy smoking and singing, and George Daniel playing the drums with his shirt undone, this is a live video that misses the pre-Corona romance. I hope everyone can enjoy a little romance at home.

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