Simple tips on finding a really good restaurant in Korea


It is not easy to find a proper restaurant in the flood of information. Most of the recommended restaurants posted on blogs and portal sites are advertising posts. Even if it doesn’t seem to be an advertising post at all, if you scroll down to the bottom of the post and take a closer look, you will find a phrase that says, “This post was written for a small fee.”

Then, how can we find a really good restaurant? My answer to this question is simple. It is to use the information uploaded from the Food Instagram account. Today, I will introduce four Instagram food accounts that are good to find good restaurants.

Image Source : Instagram

1) @pig_wave

The operator of this account is a former F&B consultant at a large company. As an expert, he introduces information about restaurants neatly without being too long. In particular, there are many recommended posts for meat and noodles. The success rate of restaurants recommended by account operators is high enough to be called a restaurant recommendation vending machine.

Image Source : Instagram

2) @breads_eater

This account is an account that bread lovers must follow. The characteristic of this account is that it only introduces cafes and bakeries that sell bread. If you look at the atmospheric photos taken by the account manager, you won’t have much difficulty finding a place to date your lover.

Image Source : Instagram

3) @foogeul

The manager of this account is also from the restaurant marketing department of a large company. As such, the ability to select restaurants is excellent. In particular, the manager’s writing skills are good, so you will be able to experience getting hungry while reading the posts. This account mainly introduces restaurants that feel “Korean” compared to other accounts.

Image Source : Instagram

4) @foodyinkorea

The account introduced this time is the king of all restaurant recommendation accounts. This account has the highest number of followers, and the restaurant recommended by this account has rarely been tasteless. The phrase ‘Foodyinkorea recommended restaurants that you can trust and eat’ is not for nothing. It is best to introduce in detail what is the most delicious at the posted restaurant and how to eat it to make it more delicious. The account manager recently started the service with an application. It is the most recommended account for those looking for good restaurants.

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