Travel in the Corona Era with ‘Travel Bubble’

Yugyeong Jeong

Demand for overseas travel, which has plummeted along with the ‘With Corona’ trend and the expansion of the ‘Travel Bubble’, is increasing. The travel bubble is exempting tourists from quarantine measures according to agreements between countries. In the COVID-19 situation, it is a system that allows free tourism only to countries that are evaluated as relatively safe from infection. In the travel bubble, the word ‘bubble’ comes from the meaning of moving freely inside but blocking the outside. This system is being pursued with the intention of resolving the difficult economic situation in some countries that are experiencing a prolonged economic downturn.

Saipan travel products, which signed a travel bubble agreement in July, were fully booked by the end of this year. There were more than 4,000 reservations for group tours, and travel in the peak season caused a shortage of flights and even overbooking. As travel demand was expected to recover, Hana Tour, which ended the leave of absence and returned to a normal working system after about one year and six months, launched a Singapore travel product on October 10. As South Korea and Singapore agreed to a travel bubble for the second time on the 8th, citizens of both countries can travel freely in the other country without quarantine from the 15th of next month. Travelers need to meet conditions such as vaccination certificate and COVID-19 test confirmation before departure. Airlines and low-cost carriers are also responding to the growing demand for overseas travel by reviewing the resumption of international flights and expansion of destinations.

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