Why is < Street Woman Fighter> so trending?


  A program called <Street Woman Fighter>, in which female dancers appear as main characters and compete for their skills, is gaining huge popularity these days. Wherever we go, everyone is talking about <Street Woman Fighter>. This program once caused the ‘Hey Mama’ dance craze across the country.

  <Street Woman Fighter>, whose first episode aired on August 24, is a program in which eight women’s dance crew teams compete to become the best global dance crew. Female dancers from dance crew ‘YGX’, ‘LACHIKA’, ‘WANT’, ‘WAYB’, ‘Coca n Butter’, ‘PROWDMON’, ‘Holy Bang’, and ‘Hook’ will appear as the main characters, and compete through missions by class and 1:1 pointing battles. The online response is very hot. As soon as the main broadcast airs every Tuesday, episodes related to <Street Woman Fighter> are posted on various online communities, and hundreds of comments are being posted. Support for the performers was also poured out.

(Image Source: Mnet)

Why is this program drawing attention with female dancers less well-known to the public? At the point where netizens are enthusiastic about this program, there are female dance performers with both skills and charm. Dancers are strangers that have not been noticed. At best, they were mentioned as someone’s backup dancer or choreographer. There were not many stages where dancers who had silently loved and tried their work from behind would stand in the center and show off their skills to their fullest. However, the passion and skills they showed as the main characters, who were supporting actors or performing on the stage, began to catch the attention of viewers.

The performers are ‘professional’ recognized in the industry actually. They proudly and honestly reveal confidence in their dance skills. In <Street Woman Fighter>, there are no performers who are afraid of their opponents and feel discouraged or anxious about defeat. There are only dancers who express their self-confidence in themselves and desire for victory without hesitation.

Crew YGX’s Lee Jung(24) is the youngest of the eight-team leaders, 12 years younger than Proudman’s leader Monika(36). However, Lee Jeong shows off her skills, not her age. When she was pointed out as the weak in the battle to point out the weak, she proudly said, “Am I the weak? I’ve never been the weak. I’m going to show you once.” In addition, she showed off her dance without being intimidated even among prominent leader class dancers. The grounded confidence of the performers, who boldly threw away the saying that humility is a virtue, makes viewers more immersed in their competition.

Netizens commented on this, “Everyone is so cool. Confidence in themselves is something I really want to learn.”, “Through this program, it is known that the stage is not just made by singers, and a culture in which supporting actors see the light seems to be spreading. I think it’s good in many ways.”, “The era is coming when dancers are better than singers on stage with fancams and partially edited videos…”, etc.

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