Consumers responded positively to unlabeled bottled water

Minjun Son


Image source : Jeju Samdasoo

“If the price is the same, I will choose a product that helps society and the environment.” In a survey conducted last year, 93.4% of consumers answered this way.

                  According to the distribution industry, the food and beverage industry is the most active in these results. As they mass-produced a lot of waste in packaging food and drink, they are active in launching products that increase the recycling rate.

                  The most active sector is the bottled water market.

Leading companies in the market including ‘Jeju Samdasoo’, which accounts for 40% of the market, ‘Isis’ from Lotte Chilsung Beverage, ‘Baeksansoo’ from Nongshim, ‘Gangwon Pyeongchangsu’ from Coca-Cola, introduced label-free products one after another in the first half of this year. These are products that can be separated and discharged immediately after drinking.

                  Although the increase in sales of label-free products was due to the mandatory separation of transparent plastic bottles in December of last year, it is analyzed that it would not have expanded as it is now without the response of consumers. This is because consumer response to eco-friendly products is leading to performance.

                  A typical example is CU’s label-free PB bottled water ‘HEYROO’. Sales increased by 78.2% compared to the previous product for a month after its launch in February. Compared to the 20.4% increase in total bottled water sales during the same period, it is analyzed that consumer preference for eco-friendly products led to purchases.

                  The confectionery industry is a case in which plastic packaging materials are changed to eco-friendly materials due to the active demands of consumers. An environmental group raised the issue that the plastic tray of the ‘Home run ball’ is harmful to the environment, sparking this atmosphere.

                  Eco-friendly packaging aimed at ‘good consumption’ is expected to continue as the COVID-19 epidemic continues and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management is strengthened.

A food industry official said, “The launch of eco-friendly products continues as the social atmosphere that emphasizes corporate social responsibility and the active purchasing behavior of consumers are intertwined. Thus, consumer’s continuous interest is needed so that concrete results can be revealed rather than show-type management.”

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