A whole new world – The Metaverse of SKT

Lee Sooyeon              Have you heard of ‘Metaverse’?If you have, how would you define the metaverse? Is it one metaverse? Is it multiple metaverses? Is the term metaverse the term we should use? Is the metaverse here, or is it being created? So many questions arise when one is asked to define the term metaverse. […]

Beyond the ‘virtual playground’ of teenagers… Evolving metaverse

2021.09.07 Minjun Son Image source: SM Entertainment              Teenagers meet friends in an online virtual space and enjoy fireworks in the night sky. They also buy new products from the luxury brand Gucci. A virtual influencer created by computer graphics also serves as a brand model. All of this is happening in a space called […]

Welcome back home Cristiano Ronaldo

2021.09.07 Minjun Son Image source: Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United after 12 years. <BBC> reported on the 28th that Manchester United will pay Juventus a transfer fee of 12.8 million pounds (about 20.5 billion won) to sign a two-year contract with Ronaldo. Ronaldo made his debut with Porto in 2002 and grew […]

HMM union strike crisis and labor-management negotiation

Yugyeong Jeong http://www.hmm21.com HMM is a global comprehensive shipping and logistics company that provides transportation services. It plays an important role in the national economy by transporting national strategic materials such as crude oil, coal, iron ore, and special cargo as well as various import and export products. Recently, HMM’s labor-management conflict has deepened. Both […]