Changes in Fruits – Exotic New Varieties of Fruits

Yugyeong Jeong

Through word of mouth on SNS and the increase in the proportion of single-person households, many consumers are looking for new varieties of exotic fruits. The types of summer fruits they are looking for have changed. New fruits have a unique shape or color, and because they are varieties made by utilizing the advantages of existing varieties, they have a superior taste compared to existing fruits. One of the reasons people look for exotic fruits is because they are rare or limited. The psychology of authenticating rare fruits through SNS also affected the popularity. As one of the new varieties of exotic fruits, ‘Mysterious Peach’, which has been growing since last year, is red and hard like a nectarine, but white and soft like a white peach on the inside. It is called a mysterious peach because it has a mysterious texture. Since it can be harvested for 2-3 weeks a year, the price of peaches is higher than that of ordinary peaches. In addition to peaches, various new types of fruits such as ‘apple watermelon’, which can be sliced ​​like an apple due to their thin rind, are increasing.

Another reason for looking for exotic fruits is the increase in single-person households. In order to reduce food waste, they tend to prefer fruits that are easy to eat or small fruits that are easy to store. Convenience store GS25 sold mini watermelons weighing 3-4 kg as a customized product for single-person households, and sales in June increased by 249% compared to the same month last year. Markets show a similar pattern. In the case of E-Mart, sales of cut watermelons and sliced fruit increased, and specialized watermelons such as seedless watermelons and black mango watermelons increased. Unusual or easy-to-eat fruits are attracting attention.

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