The Reason Why People Have a ‘Starbucks’ a Day

Lee Sooyeon

In Korea, you can easily find people having Starbucks in the morning, at lunchtime and even after work. Starbucks products are always an issue, and it is hard to find a place to seat at Starbucks in the weekend. It seems like it is more than just a cafeteria. Then why is Starbucks so popular? Here are some reasons why.

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Popular Starbucks Specialty Drinks

For many customers, it’s all about the Caramel Latte, or the Frappuccino or in the fall, the Pumpkin Pie Latte. It has to be said that the excessive roasting gives the espresso shots a flavor that works well with these sweet concoctions creating the right balance of flavors for each of Starbuck’s premium specialty coffee drinks. These drinks are so popular that other coffee chains have had to introduce similar products in order to compete.

The Brand – Major Reason Why People Love Starbucks

Above all, Starbucks has successfully branded itself as a little bit of luxury that almost everyone can afford. With its Italianized beverage names, it’s inviting décor, and even some of its unreasonably high prices, Starbucks feels like an indulgence or a reward. One that happens to be conveniently located, well pretty much everywhere. It’s easier to drag yourself to work on a Monday morning when you treat yourself to your favorite latte on the way. Many studies have shown that our enjoyment of foods and drinks, even our perception of how they taste, is enhanced by branding and clever packaging.

Social Media Presence

On social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, Starbucks has a high number of coffee lovers who are loyal to their brand. Their followers are people who visit both their social feeds and their retail stores regularly. They have a very high number of followers on these platforms and they do take those followers seriously. Their promotions follow a one-on-one principle which means, you have promotions specifically targeting your interests! This results in higher engagements, conversions, and returning happy customers.

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