Must-go-to places in Busan #1 : Igidae Park(이기대도시자연공원)

Welcome to Busan, mates!

Minjun Son

Beautiful view from Igidae Park at the sunset
Photo Credit: Minjun Son

Have you ever been to Busan? This South Korea’s second largest city is famous for its beautiful harbours and spectacular beaches which attract millions of people from all over the world annually. Many of you guys would recognize Busan as the city of beaches and harbours. Instead of typical places that everyone knows, every first week of the month, I want to recommend you some local places in Busan which I’m sure will make your trip to Busan more exciting. Follow me!

Now this week, let’s start off with Igidae Park(이기대도시자연공원). Ranked third in ‘things to do in Busan’ survey by trip advisor and chosen as ‘Travellers’ choice 2020’, Igidae Park boasts beautiful scenery of the Busan. As you can enjoy both Busan’s city view and the natural view, visiting Igidae Park will definitely be a unique experience. If you are a hiking lover, this is the place! You can enjoy the beautiful ocean while breathing some fresh air from the dense forest. Well, it has lots of stairs and you may have to face some up and downs but I’m sure it’s worth every step. Don’t rush, just take your time and relax! The spectacular view will pay back and give you some healing. Well, if you don’t like hiking? Don’t worry there is easier tracking course along the coast just for you! There are so many spots to take photos and to just sit and relax. If you have plenty of time, the tracking course is extended to Oryukdo(오륙도), also a fantastic place to see the beautiful ocean. The walk will take about 3 hours one way and you can take the bus on the way back. If you want to start from Oryukdo, that’s totally fine! It is important to meet the time to go to Igidae as the scenery varies depending on the location of the sun. My subjective recommendation is to go around sunset when the waves turn into golden sparkles.

Busan City Tour Bus
Photo Credit:

How to get to Igidae Park? You can take either taxi or bus, but if you are not far away, I recommend you to take taxi since it’s a little far from the bus stop. There are two ways to take a bus. One is to take the ‘Busan City Tour Bus’ or take the local bus. If you choose the former, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance at the Busan City Tour website ( If you have the ticket, you can travel freely for the day. If you forgot to book the ticket, the local bus is available.     Take the bus #20, 22, 24, 27, 39, 131 and get off at Igidae Entrance(이기대 입구) or #583 and get off at Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal(용호만유람선터미널).

If you have any questions or need extra information please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to reply! I hope you enjoyed my article and make good use of some information on your trip to Busan. Take care and see you next week with another interesting article!

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