Seung Hyun Nam

George Floyd, 46, died on the street due to strangulation the autopsy says, in the custody of Minneapolis police. And not so long after his death, protests are continuing to rage all over the nation demanding for justice. Through SNS like Instagram in addition, hashtag movements such as “#blacklivesmatter” became prominent.

But what is being controversial, is how the protesters and Donald Trump, the president of the United States are dealing with this situation. Lootings are erupting in few states in terms of protest, and the state itself are dealing it in the same manner: violent manner.

Tear gas and curfews are on stage trying to disperse the assembled crowds while few protesters break into retail shops and pharmacy that are on the street.

These ongoing incidents, reminded me of the 1950-60s in Korea when the dictatorship ruled and when the military force shot down their own citizens. All of what I learned from our own history textbook is repeated halfway around the globe in the nation where they call themselves, “The greatest country in the world.”

I definitely agree with the #blacklivesmatter movement but the problem is that their way of protesting, how they convey their thoughts to the government and also the reaction of the government should be reconsidered.

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