Han-yang Rel-terview – Frederik Normand

Meet the student who presided over the business school event!

-Jo, Eunjin(@pantsofgood,Instagram)

This is the new corner of the HUBS. This is “Han-yang Rel-terviw”.

Han-yang Rel-terview is short for Han-yang University business school’s relay interview of exchange student. From now on, interview with students who come to Han-yang University as exchange students will be uploaded every week.

You can feel the atmosphere of Han-yang University, life in Korea and mood of business school through the mouths of exchange students.

If you have any questions about Han-yang University’s business administration department, please leave a comment! I’ll refer the comments for the next interview. You guys question is always welcome.

The interview of Frederik!!


(#He and his twin sister, in Bu-san , Korea)

Today I will introduce ‘Frederik Normand”.

He is the second interviewee of Han-Yang rel-terview.

He came Han-yang university with her twin sister as exchange student!😊 It’s like a movie.

Thank you Frederik for your kind interview!

I want you to be happy with the rest of your school life.

The interview with Frederik will begin now.

(I will mark Frederik to F, and Eun-jin(the repoter) is E in texts)


E :  Hello, Frederik! Please introduce yourself for reader

F : My name is Frederik and I am from Denmark. I am 22 years old now, and I am a fifth grader in business administration at Han-yang University. I am majoring in business administration in Denmark too. When I go back to Denmark, I will finish the rest of my semester.


E : Why did you come to Han-yang University as an exchange student?

F : When I was 19 years old, I went on a trip to Asia with a friend. At that time, my friend and I wanted to go to Korea very much, but we couldn’t visit Korea due to schedule.

Meanwhile, my twin sister was considering coming to Korea this semester. When I talked about my sister coming to Korea, I thought, “Okay, it’s about time,” and we came to Han-yang University together. I am currently taking the same class with my sister. We have same major in Denmark, the business. Also here we have a lot of same class together.


E : What was the most impressive lecture in business management class?

F :It’s a very difficult question. Because I met some really good classes and good professors. To choose from, I was most impressed by my ‘Behavioral economy’ class. It was amazing how people naturally behave irrationally, even though they studied the concept of ‘irrational behavior’ in behavioral economics classes and read books. I also enjoyed discussing about it in class. It was an interesting experience.

* behavioral economics

Behavioral economics studies the effects of psychologicalcognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions and how those decisions vary from those implied by classical theory.[1]

Behavioral economics is primarily concerned with the bounds of rationality of economic agents. Behavioral models typically integrate insights from psychologyneuroscience and microeconomic theory.[2][3] The study of behavioral economics includes how market decisions are made and the mechanisms that drive public choice. The three prevalent themes in behavioral economics are:



E : What is the difference between the university classes in Denmark and business management classes in Han-yang University?

Actually, there’s a big difference. At the Copenhagen Business School I attended, the curriculum is set every grade. We call it the ‘line’ In the same line, everyone goes to the same class and the same course. Until the fifth grade, we all take designated classes.

Our lectures are usually in the form of a professor teaching 400 students. Professors didn’t know the names of the students, and in fact they were more interested in teaching students than caring about students. I think one big difference is that the professor is interested in the students. It’s about wanting to know our names, to mention them, to have relationships. I think that’s a big difference. At least compared to the line that I belonged to.

And we didn’t have to do presentations at our school. All we had to do was pass the test. And the way to do that was to study two weeks before the test. No assignment, no presentation! Rather, I think the activities in high school and in college are similar. Compared to my high school, Han-yang University is way more chill.


E : how about the life as universtiy student? Is it differnece between denmark and Korea?

F : In Denmark, I lived in an apartment with my friend. I had my own intact space.

Now I live in a dormitory(Han-yang habitat) with six people. It’s like a long school trip for four months. I go on a lot of social activities. While studying at school, I feel like I have a really long vacation. What I feel best is that I can relax a little and enjoy life. Back in Denmark there is so much responsibility, and you have to take care of yourself stuff


The next one will be followed by a question about the business school club Fredric participated in. If you’re curious about Fredric’s Mc story in the business school event, please read the next episode.

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