My Time as a HUBS Editor

Youn Seng Min

                  It’s been quite a ride!

I still remember the day I walked into the interview for this position. HUBS was my first official school affiliated extra-curricular activity and I was unreasonably nervous about it. Ms.Yoon from international adminstrations, who is the real star behind the scenes, asked me a few non-intrusive questions regarding my English capabilities. I still can’t recalll what I said to be honest…

For the past four months the team and I met every Tuesday during lunch to discuss the topics of article for the following week. At times it was quite a struggle to find pertinent topics that weren’t too boring and would still aid your time here at HUBS. Thanks to the proactive team, however, it was fun and we always were able to find the right topics. Having been a chef for the better part of my early twenties my original ideas would always heavily revolve around Korean food; it was quite hard to reach the right balance between a food blog and a Korean culture blog. In the end I learned to alternate between articles that introduced good restaurants near school and articles that delved deeper into the cultural aspects of Korean dining or certain Korean dishes.

At times when my workload from my classes was overwhelming, reading and editing all the articles were no easy tasks. Reading and editing the articles has been mine postprandial activity every Sunday for the past few months. It was definitely a nice routine to say the least.

In retrospect, it was all truly worth it. It was a great honor to be given this opportunity to make your time in Korea a little more interesting (if not easier). Perhaps if I am lucky enough to be afforded this opportunity once more, I would love to come back and dish out more articles.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your lives!

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