My Experience as a MyHUBS reporter

Jung Lee

Writing my last article gives me a sudden realization that the semester flew by. Each completion of a semester is a moment for us to review and critique the last few months to become better versions of ourselves. And yes I am sincerely confident that I have delivered a good number of valuable information through my articles; yet I would never deny that there are certain things I can improve on.

One article per week wasn’t really a demanding job. Decisions on the topics, however, was a very tormenting task not just because I don’t go out to great places much but also I had to emphasize with international students to figure out what kind of information would really help their explorations in Korea. Obviously broadening one’s perspective to truly understand others, even on a casual and quotidian level, challenged me especially when my days were inundated with school work.

The challenge, however, unfolded a whole different experience with my foreigner friends, whom I kept asking, sometimes annoyingly, what problems and difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives in Korea. Some of them eventually recognized my passion and we became life-long friends as we established a common pursuit triggered by the challenge. After a few weeks of pestering questions, those friends would come up with topics willingly, asking if there were any decent navigation apps or online shopping malls where they could buy cool Korean fashion products. And they would also ask for recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and festivals for their own plans with other friends.

이정 3.jpg

Above all, MyHUBS team itself has been the greatest pleasure! The team has wholeheartedly welcomed and supported me. In every meeting the team would critically assess my topics and help me with directions. Toward the end of the semester, they also have become good friends of mine who I feel comfortable with. Thank you all for such a great experience and wish you all the best. Adios!


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