Back Alley Eateries 3: Something Unexpected

Youn SengMin

Hello Hello! Last week I watched a movie which I could easily say is one of my all time favourites. Definitely go check out “Parasite” by Mr. Bong! It’s a hundred times better if you go in without knowing anything about the plot, so make sure no one spoils it for you! Also, if you end up going to a Lotte Cinema, get the cheetos flavoured popcorn; it’ll be the best decision you make during your time in Korea.

Anyway, today I’m going to introduce to you a restaurant that is famous for a menu that is quite uncharacteristic of itself. The place is called JangEuh-Gui(장어구이) which literally translates to roasted eel. Despite its name, the owners will get super flustered if you order any kind of eel dish on the menu. The place is actually famous for its pork-KimchiJjigae (돼지 김치찌개, pork-Kimchi-soup).

윤성민 1

It’s not easy to walk into that alley way if it’s your first time and you aren’t too familiar with Korean. Even I hesitated for a good five seconds. Once you are inside, however, it’s just like any other Korean restaurant you’ve seeen. It’s a homely place that has an indoor hall as well as an outdoor area. Although the outdoor zone is well shaded, it does get extremely hot once you have your soup boiling ona burner. I highly recommend that you try to get a seat in the hall during the summer. The prices are very resaonable. You can either get the small portion for ten thousand Won or get the bigger one for seventeen thousand Won. The big portion is enogh to feed three to four people. You can also add a ramen topping for merely one thousand Won!

Despite the studen-friendly prices, the soup is packed with pork. Not only are they generous with the amount of pork, the broth is quite flavourful. Although you do taste a hint of commercialized MSG, it’s not sickening or as obstrusive as many of the places that serve

Kimchi-Jjigae. Another unique thing about the soup here is the fact that they garnish it with mushrooms. The mushrooms soak up the soup and, when you bit into them,impart an extremely savoury flavour.

윤성민 2.jpg

We overestimated ourselves and ordered the big size; which was a decision we promptly regretted. We were all famished prior to the meal but still couldn’t finish the soup. The lady also gave us a free egg roll!

I hate to say it but this will be the last “Back Ally Eateries” for this semester. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my articles and try some of the places out!

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