4 Days in Tokyo

Kamari Koonce

Day 1 -Thursday

I enjoyed my time in Tokyo over the last week. The most stressful part about the first day was figuring out the complicated metro system. It is not like Korea where there is only one operator. Here there are many different company lines that run throughout the country. An app that we used throughout the time we were there is called Travel Japan. It routes and estimates the cost of your trip for you. I highly recommend downloading this app.

On the first day that my friends and I arrived we decided to try out some food at a local neighborhood near our Airbnb. My friends were really tired so we didn’t go out anywhere that night but we had some really affordable Japanese food. I had rice, fried oysters, and egg. One of my friends tried ramen and the other had an udon noodle dish. Afterwards we went back to our Airbnb for the night.

Day 2 – Friday

On Friday, we woke up super early to visit a famous digital art museum in Funabashi. It was the most beautiful museum I have ever visited because all of the art was made to be borderless. Some of the pieces would stay in one room and change into something else completely in a matter of minutes. There were also interactive activities like tea rooms and climbing. Later we visited the Shibuya crossing. Shibuya crossing is the biggest crosswalk in the world. While we were here we went snack shopping for our families and friends.

Day 3 – Saturday

During the day we saw people riding the famous Mario cart cars in Harajuku. During the morning, we visited the Sensoji temple. It was actually the most popular shrine in Tokyo. I really liked this area because there was a nice market place where we bought souvenirs and tried some local snacks. Later that night we went to the top of Tokyo Skytree. Additionally we went to the anime district in Akihabara.


Day 4 – Sunday

During day 4 we spent time in Ginza, Ueno Park, and the Tokyo Tower in Roppongi. While we were at Tokyo station we tried some ramen at the famous Ramen Street. It was pretty good, but I have to say I prefer the black ramen that I tried near the Tokyo Skytree.


While my friends boarded their flight back to Seoul, I was boarding my flight to see Osaka, Japan. It took a while, but I figured out how to get onto the express train to Kyoto by accident. Overall I really did enjoy my time in Japan. I was not expecting Japan to be so different from Korea. The fashion, appearance, manners, and cultural customs were very different. I think there are some things I enjoy better about both countries. For example, even though I know Korea has many people I rarely feel like the city is too busy or overpopulated. However, in Tokyo it was very difficult to walk anywhere because there were so many people at all times during the day. I also like the Korean fashion better than Japanese. It seems like the Japanese overall style is to be as wild as possible. But the Japanese people spoke English very well and were much more friendly to foreigners than Koreans in my experience.

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