HOW Picnic

One of the organizations at Hanyang that cater to International students is Hanyang One World, HOW for short. Like the GLITTERS organization for the business school, this club organizes activities and trips for international students to meet and interact with the local Korean students, only on a more campus wide scale. Most recently they organized a picnic by the Han river.

There were about 40 of us Korean and International students and we all gathered by the Han river at the Tteoksam resort, just a short subway ride from Hanyang. There we ate chicken and drank beer. Unlike America, Korea has more relaxed alcohol laws and drinking in public is allowed, the beer was even delivered to us, which is something I am so not use to as an American because we cannot take a drink outside of a bar or if we purchase it in the liquor store we not allowed to carry the open containers, so we have to wait until we are at home or on private land. So drinking out in the open was very new to me but it makes me wish that the laws in America would be more lenient because it was convenient and relaxing. They ordered so much chicken as well, there was huge box that I think two or three people maybe four would share and we had a bunch of leftovers. It was very relaxing to be by the river and just meet new people, I think we stayed there for a couple of hours until it got dark. I was able to meet many new people that night and make some new friends as well as to hang out with people I already knew. I was even to meet a Korean student that was familiar with my hometown baseball team so we were able to talk about Korean and American baseball for a bit. It just goes to show that no matter where you go in the world you can almost always find someone with similar interests.

Kaylin 6-4After we were done by the river we went to “second round” at a bar in Wangsimni, a funny event happened on our way there. We were all boarding the subway car and since there was a lot of people it took a lot of time to get everyone on, so the doors closed before my friend and I could get on and left without us, so we were late to the second round. I was very surprised to walk into the bar to find out they had ordered even more food, I think there was jjigae, rice and some sort of stir fry meat and much more. I couldn’t believe how much they ate and yet they are all still so skinny, but it is typical in Korean culture to always have some sort of food while you drink. At the bar I chose to sit with a different group to meet more people. The group I joined was very fun and we enjoyed each others company very much. One of the nice things about HOW is that since it is campus wide I get to meet people from different majors, that night I met many nursing students and other students from around campus. They were all very nice. They even listened to me speak horrible Korean and still told me I did a very good job. They also laughed at my use of chopsticks. Usually I am very good and don’t have trouble, but for some reason at that time I just could not use the chopstick, it resulted in a very funny video. Eventually I was able to regain my skills and use them just fine.

Kaylin 6-3I am very thankful that Hanyang has so many clubs that cater to international students as sometimes you can feel very isolated, but these clubs make it easy to feel at home at Hanyang. We had a great night making new friends and hanging out with those we already knew as well. I would for sure recommend joining this club if you come to Hanyang.

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