Things you can do at the student council office

Alice Hong (Gayoung)

In March, you guys might have seen several students wearing yellow hoodies and singing songs while holding pickets. You guys might have wondered, ‘Who are they?’ They were the candidates of the Hanyang Business School’s student council. Their name is ‘Gong-gam.’ They had a re-election because they fell short of turnout polls last November. This time with 51.3 percentage point of turnout and 94.24 percentage point of vote in favor, resulting in ‘Gong-gam’ being elected. In the presence of student council, there are many things you can do at the student council office. However, many foreign students don’t even know where the student council office is and what they can do there. Today, as a freshman intern member of the student council, I would like to introduce things you can do at the student council office.

홍가영 4-1.jpg

First things first, student council office is located on the basement first floor of Hanyang University Business School building. The room number is B106 and you can see it right away when you get off the elevator.

Here, you can borrow many things. Sometimes you might have been surprised due to the unexpected rain. At times, you might have bought umbrellas but from now on, you don’t have to buy them if you visit the student council office. There are many umbrellas you can borrow. Along with this, you can borrow sporting goods. It is hard for you to bring balls to school because of its size. If you visit the student council office, you can borrow soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, and a tennis racket. However, make sure that you bring your tennis balls because we don’t lend you tennis balls. Not only these, you are able to borrow school supplies such as markers, scissors, rulers, tape, and calculator. We even have finance calculators, so if you need them at class, you can visit here and get one. The most surprising thing is that we even lend textbooks related to business administration, so if you forgot to bring your textbooks, come visit our office.

You have to be aware that the lending period is three days. If you want to borrow it more, you should come back to our office and ask for renew. You must exchange the things you borrow with your student ID card. So, if you want to borrow anything from the student council office, make sure you bring your student ID cards with you.

Along with borrowing stuff, you can think the student council office as the lost and found. We accept lost things and keep them, so if you lose something, try checking the student council office. Plus, if you found something that is not yours near the business school building, please bring it to our office!

From the business school building, the nurse’s office and the pharmacy is quite far. If you need medicine, come visit the student council office. We have cold medicine, Tylenol, female products, pain-relief patch, and so on. So, if you are sick, come to the student council office.

Last but not least, we even accept your delivery and heavy load. You can enter student council office’s address when you order things. The address is ‘서울특별시 성동구 행당동 한양대학교 경영관 B106호 학생회실.’ Be aware that post-delivery payment shipping is not allowed!

I hope you were able to know more about what the student council does and what you can do at the student council office. Come visit our office for help!

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