Hotels Near Hanyang


If you are like some of my friends that are here for 1+ years or who have parents who like to travel than it might be useful to know about some hotels around Hanyang where those who have come to visit you can stay! You can use to book your room. This is very convenient as you can pay on-line and show them your confirmation email to check in.

NOTE: When looking at these prices keep in mind that sites like run different deals all the time so be sure to check before booking!

Stay Seoul

8, Sageundong-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

04762 South Korea

About 0.5 km from the Hanyang station.

Average rating:7 out of 10 (according to advisor)

Free WIFI: Yes

Current Price: 71,818 won

This hotel is the next-door neighbor of Hanyangs off campus dorms Roseville and Smartville. So if you are staying in one of those dorms your visitors could be your next door neighbor making it extremely convenient for both parties. They provide free WIFI for their guests, elevator, and self-service laundry! In the rooms they have all things that a typical American hotel would have; microwave, mini-fridge, TV etc.

Kaylin 3-2.png

JJ Hotel

228-6 Yongdap-dong Seongdong-gu, Seoul,

Seoul, 133-847, South Korea,

About 1.7 km to Hanyang station

Average rating: 3/5 stars (according to

Free WIFI: Yes

Current Price: 43,142 won

JJ Hotel only offers multiple types of rooms such as a deluxe twin room (two beds), a standard room with one double bed, and suites!  Each room is a different theme and of course free WIFI is provided for guests. They also offer free parking! JJ Hotel offers tickets/tours assistance and 24-hour room service.

Milano Hotel

275, Gosanja-ro, Seongdong-gu,

Seoul, South Korea,

About 1.1 km to Hanyang station

Average rating: 7.6

Free WIFI: Yes

Current Price: 49,587 won

This hotel offers 5 floors of various room types accessible by an elevator. The typical American room amenities are provided as well as free valet parking.  The rooms are a little outdated, however the atmosphere is cozy, clean and welcoming.

Hotel Vision

277, Gosanja-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul,

, 133-040, South Korea

About 1.2 km from Hanyang station

Free WIFI: Yes

Current price: 50,393 Won

Hotel Vision is what I would consider more of a business stay hotel with more amenities and services compared to the options above. Hotel Vision not only has two restaurants attached to it, but also a business center and a meeting room. They have a multilingual staff to cater to those who are coming from abroad! This hotel is oriented to business people and foreigners. Other services include; free newspapers, turndown service, and concierge services/ luggage storage.

K-Grand Hostel Dongdaemun

6-10F, 339-1, Wangsimni-ro,, Seongdong-gu,

 Seoul, South Korea

About 1.3 km from Hanyang station

Average rating: 8.8

Free WIFI: Yes

Current Price: 68,000 won

If you don’t want to go for the traditional “Hotel” you can stay at the K-Grand Hostel. The K-grand is not what I would consider a traditional hostel, it is more like a dorm room with one booking per room. Here, they also have a multi lingual staff and luggage storage and computer station. They also have multi-type rooms but, what sets this Hotel apart is the fact that they have 22 rooms designated as smoke-free (in Korea there is no law about smoking inside, unless designated by the management of a business) and free breakfast! Tours/ticket assistance is also available and places to cook your own food and do your own laundry if you have an extended stay. They also have a rooftop terrace. The K-Grand is most likely oriented to tourists (especially, to those from abroad)

Kaylin 3-1

These are the hotels around Hanyang that are in Seongdong-gu (Hanyang’s district) there are some hotels that are in Dongdaemun, but close to Seongdong-gu and Hanyang. To check them out just go to and on the homepage just type Hanyang University into the search criteria bar.

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