Applications I would like to recommend to foreign students

Alice Hong (Gayoung)

          Foreign students might have experiences of difficulty living in Korea because of language problems. Nowadays, since most of the people have smart phones, I would like to recommend six smart phone applications that would help your Korean life.

  1. ‘배달의 민족’ ; An easy way to get delivery food

홍가영 3-1

^ Screenshot of ‘배달의민족’ application

Koreans have a lot of restaurants that serve delivery food. It is actually quite hard to find types of food that doesn’t have its own delivery service. Still, some of you guys might have suffered from language trouble and might have experiences of quitting to order. However, no worries. With just this application, you will be able to order delivery food easily. If you select the type of food you would like to order, then the application will check your GPS information. Then, it will recommend the restaurants nearby where you can order that type of food. Afterwards, the only thing you have to do is type in the address you will get your food and pay. In a couple of minutes, you will be able to have the food in front of you.

  1. ‘Papago’: Break down the barrier of language!

홍가영 3-2

^Screenshot of ‘Papago’ application>

You would probably have had experiences of having trouble with language barriers at least once in Korea. If you have this application, you would not have problems any more. This application is known as one of the most accurate translation application. It translates your language into Korean or any other types of language if you talk into your phone.

  1. ‘Cash Walk’: Earn money as much as you walk

홍가영 3-3

^ Screenshot of ‘Cashwalk’ application

I expect that you guys would visit many places in Korea to make many precious memories. Have you ever imagined of earning money by walking? This would only have been done in your imaginations. However, you are able to make this come true. There is this application called ‘Cash Walk.’ It gives you 1 won per 100 steps. You are able to get 100 won at most. This looks quite small, but you are able to get 21000 won per month at most if you walk 10000 steps per day. Isn’t amazing? The money you earned can be used as a gift card. You can buy products and convenience stores or coffee shops. I think it is worth using this application since you are able to walk, sight see, and earn money at the same time.

  1. ‘Naver Map’ & ‘Kakao Subway’ ; Way to check transportation information

홍가영 3-4

^ Screenshot of ‘Naver Map’ and ‘Kakao Subway’ application

I expect that most of you guys might use public transportation instead of private cars in Korea since you guys are only staying here for a few months. To help your convenience, I would like to recommend two applications that would help you use public transportations. ‘Naver Map’ recommends the most efficient way to go to your destination. You can use this application in English if your cellphone’s language is set in English. Moreover, if you use subway as your transportation, I strongly recommend ‘Kakao Subway.’ You are able to see the entire subway line by this application and you are able to see the time table of each subway. For your efficient move, I hope you guys try using these applications.

  1. ‘미세미세’ ; Way to prevent harm from fine dust

홍가영 3-5

^ Screenshot of ‘미세미세’ application

Nowadays, Korea is suffering from fine dust. The number of people suffering from bronchial tubes is increasing, too. To prevent harm from fine dust, it is better to wear masks. However, you would not be able to check if there is fine dust outside by your eyes. Use the application ‘미세미세.’ It is an application that shows you the amount of fine dust outside. I hope you plan wearing masks by checking this application every day.

The applications I have recommended to you are all in both ‘Google Play Store’ and ‘iPhone App Store.’ I hope it helps you a lot!

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