“HUBS Night for International Students” (by Yongshin)

Chuseok is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday both in North Korea and South Korea, celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the lunar calendar on the date of the full moon. Because Chuseok is one of the most representative holidays in South Korea, Hanyang University Business School prepared a party for exchange students called “HUBS Night for International Students”. The Chuseok party of the business school was held on Friday, 22nd of September, at Haengwon park, located on the B1 floor of the business school building. Before the party began, each student that came to the party received a t-shirt and a souvenir. Also, there was a corner which lent you Hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit. At 6:30, a party began with a greeting from the dean of the business school and a few other professors. After introduction of professors, every student got dinner. They ate delicious pizza, chicken, fruit and rice cake with beer and soft drinks.


After dinner, the party really got started. There was knee-wrestling match and a jegi kicking competition. Many international students participated each game actively. Every student got a prize and the top 3 got big prizes, which were Bluetooth speaker, amusement park tickets, and a doll of the HYU mascot.


After the enjoyable games, there were several performances for HUBS night. For starters, DIOR, a dance club from the college of social sciences, performed a K-pop cover dance. They performed ‘Really Really’ of Winner, Gashina of Seonmi, ‘Why don’t you know’ of Cheongha, ‘Personal’ of Kehlani, etc. It was a great performance and many students liked it. Then, the Chinese international students performed another K-pop dance performance. They performed ‘As If It’s Your Last’ of Blakcpink and ‘Me Gusts Tu’ of Girlfriend. It was a very nice performance and I could feel their passion and effort of practicing the performance. Also, there was performance by an international exchange student, Kevin. He performed cover dance of ‘That’s what I like’ of Bruno Mars. Although the dance of this song is very difficult, his dancing skills were amazing. Lastly, there was Taekkyeon performance. Taekkyeon is a traditional Korean martial art first explicitly recorded during the Joseon Dynasty. Although taekkyeon primarily utilizes kicking, punching, and arm strikes thrown from a mobile stance and does not provide a framework for ground fighting, it does incorporate a variety of different throws, takedowns, and grappling techniques.


The performance had storyline, made audience concentrate and received big applause. The whole party was ended by taking a photo. Every international student who came to the party took a photo and you can find their happy face which shows party ended in great success. Ahram Lee, school personnel of administration of the business school, who prepared this party said “It was so hard to prepare this party. However, I felt rewarded by watching international students who enjoyed the party. Hail Chang, a leader of Glitters which also prepare this party and also a mc of the party, said “I could host a show enjoyable because many international students came to the party and respond well and I feel so thankful of that”. Chuseok Party, HUBS Night for International Students was held in 2 years. Annie, international students who came to the party, said “I really liked how everyone in glitters was really fun and wanted to engage the audience. Having kids come up on stage made it a personal experience and definitely more interesting. The food was really good and free beer was a plus! I also loved that you could draw on the shirt too.” I hope this event became annual event and also the most representative event of business school.


Article by Yongshin Jeon, a Junior at Hanyang Business School

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