Life as a myHUBS Reporter (by Yongshin)

It was the first semester that I wrote articles at myhubs. I can summarize my articles into two different topics. First, I have been interested in getting around Seoul. Last year, I participated at Seoul citizen ambassador and went many places in Seoul (서울) which is not a famous tourist site. Myhubs is the blog for foreign students so I want to introduce some places that only a few natives know. Some rooftop cafes, Hang-dong railroads (항동 기차길), and Ikseon Hanok Village (익선동 한옥마을) are examples. These became hot places in recent years by Korean youngsters.

Second, I write articles about subway trip. Most students don’t have cars so they use public transportation. Therefore, I want to introduce some places that you can visit by taking the subway.

My articles in this semester are all about some places to visit in Seoul or Gyeonggi province. I want to write articles that related to my interest. Also, I think it will be good information for readers. I hope my article will make your life in Seoul better.

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