Life as a myHUBS Reporter (by Jonghyuk)

We had fun with the reporters, Hoon, and Ahram. We had variety of ages and nationalities but every time we met at Monday we were as if old friends. First, we met and talked about where we are from and the things that we are interested. It was a good experience to share stories about other countries. And I hope that for the foreign friends they had a good opportunity to know more about Korea. We exchanged really plenty of information about each country’s weather, culture, foods, buildings and so on. there was no time that we felt awkwardness and we had fun every Monday.

Also the lunch meeting was fun. Every reporter didn’t have a food that was unable to eat.

This made the conference much more easy and comfortable. I am so thankful that foreign reporters enjoyed all the food we had together.

There are some tips for the reporters that will after writing articles.

Writing articles of series helps you writing articles. Actually choosing the right topic is the hardest part of the myHUBS. And thinking of a topic every week is a hard job. So start an article that was series. For example, write an article about school cafeterias. This will make about 3or 4 series of topics so for about 4weeks there is no need to think about topics.

Please think of a topic before going to meet. If you don’t have a topic you will start to think of the topic the day before the deadline. This makes the finishing time of the article late and the quality of the articles will go down. And try to use your own pictures from your camera. You can avoid copyright problems, and most of all these pictures can involve the reporter’s intention.

These were some tips for the future reporters of the myHUBS. See you again next semester!!

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