Hang-dong Railroad Tracks

Have you ever got tired of business and the crowded city? In Seoul, which is one of the busiest city in the world, you might always see high buildings and traffic jam. However, there is a place which makes us feel that we are in the countryside in Seoul. The place is Hang-dong railroad tracks (항동 기차길) which locates at Guro-gu areas (구로). You might be unfamiliar to this province however it is not hard for you to find Hang-dong railroad tracks. You can go to Hang-dong railroad tracks by subway. It is near Cheonwang Station (천왕역) line number 7. Take exit number 3 and then go straight until you see a railroad track. Turn left and you will see the railroad which go straight until you see the start sign of Hang-dong railroad tracks.

Source: mediahub.seoul.go.kr

Source: Naver Maps

Hang-dong railroad tracks is 4.5 km long. It connects Oryu-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul (서울시 구로구 오류동)with Okgil-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 부천시 옥길동). It was made by Gyeonggi Chemical Industry company for carry its raw materials and products in 1959. At that time, the railroad is actively used however this railroad is not used mostly. However, the railroad changed its purpose. Hang-dong railroad tracks now became better to walk for people rather than train. Before, it was unknown except inhabitants near the area. However, it became famous by social network services. Nowadays, many couples, and photo maniacs visit the railroad. Especially, it became a famous date spot for couples. You can see many couples take a photo with a background of the railroad. Not only young people but also many elderly people also visit Hang-dong railroad tracks for a walk.

Source: mediahub.seoul.go.kr

Railroad makes you feel comfortable when you walk along it. Especially, it feels like you walk along a country road when you walk along Hang-dong railroad tracks. After you pass the entrance of Hang-dong railroad tracks, you can see picturesque scenery. It also seems mysterious when you take the step into the entrance of Hang-dong railroad tracks. Every spring and fall, rape blossoms and cosmos bloom along the railroad. Every summer, you can see acasia flowers along the railroad. I recommend you to walk along the railroad if you want to get out from crowded city and walk along quite place with your lovers.

Hang-dong railroad tracks became famous and some of artists try to decorate near the railroad. In 2015, Guro culture foundation practiced a project ‘Hang-dong railroad tracks artrail’. At this project, few artists and residents made temporary station as an artwork. This became a photo spot of Hang-dong railroad tracks. Many people who visit here took a photo at this station. Above this, there are several artworks made of scratch paper.

Source: mediahub.seoul.go.kr

If you walk along the railroad, you can see pureun arboretum. It is the first municipal arboretum managed by Seoul city. It is ‘Eco Island’ which is emphasized education program and eco-friendly management. It is quite large and there are various plants. Pureun arboretum is a place where many residents and other visitors can take rest and can feel the nature inside of city. As it is right next to the Hang-dong railroad tracks, it is good to visit pureun arboretum, too. It is also good for parents who have their children becacuse you can learn and see various plants in pureun arboretum.

Source: mediahub.seoul.go.kr

It is hard to find the railroad inside of city, especially Seoul. That’s why Hang-dong railroad tracks is very special. It locates right next to residential area. You can feel like going to the another world when you walk along the railroad. It might be short but Hang-dong railroad tracks can make you be calm and recover your composure. Many modern people live in a city feel tired. They can take a trip to other places but it is hard to take a trip during when they feel tired. At that time, going to Hang-dong and walking along the railroad which is in Seoul can make you feel better.


Article by Yongshin from Korea

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