Food Trucks For Us All!

Have you ever been to Wangsimni Square (왕십리광장) close to Wangsimni Station (왕십리역) (Look at the picture above!)? It’s quite opposite way to the Hanyang University (한양대학교), so this place might be unknown for some of you, especially when you are foreigners. Therefore, I want to let you know that you should mark this spot as one of your wish lists in Korea. Around here, you can take a rest while eating food from food truck, lying down on the long chair or enjoying the sunshine. At the beginning of May, I accidently noticed that they, owners of food truck, usually come here to sell their main foods such as steak, pasta, or seasoned-rice packed with the container. Let me introduce some of fascinating food that they are selling now.


1. Pizza in the truck

It seems that you all like pizza, I guess. Pizza, which can be served with various topping on top of it, is considered as one of the favorite food for people, regardless of race, color, or age. Of course, I am always craving for pizza all the time. Therefore, putting less strain on your wallet, I introduce a cheap pizza that is not giving you so much burden.

Inside of that truck, you can recognize that there is a small brazier. I was surprised that it can be possible to put the little oven into the small-sized car. They utilize it to make a pizza more delicious and yummy, lighting a fire in a brazier. Plus it is lately important that actual scenes that they are cooking within consumer’s sight are regarded as giving consumers visual effect and high level of   credibility.

Generally, the price is below 7000 won for small size and 10000 Won for large one, except for the pizza with mushroom and bacon. The sizes of pizza are each 12 inches and 9 inches. There are another tastes of pizza, which are Margherita, Gorgonzola, and Honey-butter potato. It would be ready within 5 minutes right after you place an order by calling or in front of the truck at first hand. You can pay the bill by card as well as cash. So, don’t worry whether it is okay if you pay by credit card!


2. Youth Cup-bob

The picture above is notification where this food truck will be going, from Youth Cup bob Instagram. They always let us know their location, so it helps us to decide whether to eat or not. Their main offer is rice with various stuff like meat or chitterlings. The dish with rice or food itself is served with a round shape of container. That’s why we call it “Cup Rice” or “Cub Bob” (Bob can be understood as the rice. It comes from when you sound out “rice” in Korean.)

The thing you should keep in mind is that you have to tell the difference between cup bob and cup. Whereas cup bob has rice in it, the other one has not. I had an experience that I got surprised when I ordered “spicy stir-fried chicken cup”. It’s because the outcome has only the food itself, not having rice. So I remember that moment clearly that I have no choice but to eat just the chicken itself. L They are selling not only hotdogs but also Donburi (meat), tuna, chitterling, and spicy stir-fried chicken cup bob. The price is below 4000 Won, so take a look on what menu you want to try.


3. SteakOut


Lately, it is like a trend to cut down the price of steak and sell them outdoors, instead of having tables and chairs. They focus on selling only steak, as the name of food truck literally indicates it. The price is depending on the quantity of the meat: 6000 Won for 150g, 12000 Won for 300g. Compared to other pricey restaurants, it is much cheaper to pay out money for it. When the meat is cooked properly, they put vegetables including onions on top of it to degrease. So it would be less oily to eat them! Yey!


4. HY Coop

The food truck, HY Coop, is going to be opened up in a few days. It is a form of cooperative association, helping to contribute to the communities. It is aimed at improving the diversity of what to eat for lots of students. They are going to throw an opening ceremony during the school festival, which is 24th~27th, May. Their main menu has yet to be publicized, but it would be tacos, fried rice, and something else.


The special feature of this food truck is that you can participate as an assistant chef. They are recruiting chefs, giving them 10000 Won per hour. Also, when you become the member of this association by paying 10000 Won, you have chances to get 1000 Won off any dishes, to earn some dividends at the end of each year according to its performance, and to take opportunity to show their own interest into the business activity. So when you are interested in becoming cook or taking advantages of these benefits, get into the “HY Coop” Facebook in a hurry!

As yet, there is not enough information or picture of “HY Coop”. When they go in to action, I will be back with more visible stuff.


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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